How to Do a Drop Step Move | Basketball

How to Do a Drop Step Move | Basketball

Speaker 1: Alright, Swoop. Speaker 2: Yes. Speaker 1: We’re back in the post. Speaker 2: I told you. I like it down here. Speaker 1: New York post. Speaker 2: Inside the paint. Speaker 1: There you go. Speaker 2: That’s where all the work happens
man. Speaker 1: It’s all about work. Speaker 2: Yes. Speaker 1: Now we’re going to practice the
drop step move today. Speaker 2: Oh, yes. Yes. That’s a. . . Speaker 1: You’re going to drop it like it’s
hot. Speaker 2: . . .oh, nah. I’ll be dropping. Drop it like it’s hot. Drop it like it’s. Speaker 1: No. You’re, you’re going to work on it. That’s a Beyonce move right there. Speaker 2: Uh oh. Uh oh. . . Speaker 2: . . .oh. Okay. Speaker 1: No, no. We’re going to worry about the drop step move
today. Speaker 2: And that’s in the post. Speaker 1: That’s in the post. Speaker 2: Okay. Speaker 1: And we’re going to bring in what? Speaker 2: Hard work. The expert. Speaker 1: The expert. . . Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: . . .Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You got. . . Speaker 2: Okay. Okay, okay. Speaker 1: . . .it right on the first try. Now we’re going to bring in the expert VP. . . Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: . . .to show us the proper way
how to do a drop step. Speaker 2: Alright. Speaker 1: Now this will only be effective
if you’ve got defense on you. Speaker 2: Oh, if you know, I play defense. I told you I’m a outstanding defender, right? Speaker 1: Oh, you never told me that. Speaker 2: YMCA defensive award of the year,
baby. You’ll all know about that right here. So I’m going to come down here, . . . Speaker 1: Yeah. Speaker 2: . . .and I’m playing in the post. Speaker 1: Post defense. Speaker 2: Post defense. Speaker 1: You going to try to stop him? Speaker 2: Of course I’m going to stop him. What you talking about? I. Speaker 1: You hear this? Speaker 2: I’m Speaker 1: Okay. Here we go. I’ll be the passer. I’ll drop it to DPR, explain what’s going
to happen. Alright. Now DP’s getting post position first. He’s establishing himself in the post. Swoop is doing what they call a three quarter. He’s playing three fourths of the way, and
he’s giving DP the baseline side. So DP’s going to do a drop step to the baseline. Shows the hand. Pass the ball. Fake. Drop step. Drive to the hole. Goes in for an easy layup. Speaker 2: Okay. Speaker 1: Now, opposite way. DP. Swoop is playing on the high side of him. Which is leaving the whole middle of the court
open. DP’s got the post. He’s sealing him. Passing the hand. Drop step move. Layup. How’s your defense looking? Speaker 2: I had him on both times. Speaker 1: Yeah. Speaker 2: But I tried this side. Speaker 1: So now I’m going to let these guys
play a little bit. So Swoop, you got to play d. Speaker 2: Okay. Speaker 1: Show him what you got. Be physical, man. Be physical. Be physical. Now you’re playing d. There you go. There you go. There you go. Speaker 2: Go, go for it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Speaker 1: Do it again. Do it again. Speaker 2: Side. Speaker 1: No, no. Front him. Front him. Front him. Pay him back. Pay him back. Pay him back. Other side. There you go. Now. What? Speaker 2: It’s too powerful. Speaker 1: He’s power floored. Speaker 2: Time out. Speaker 1: What do you mean? Speaker 2: Time out. I need a water break. Speaker 1: You need a twenty? Speaker 2: Twenty. Speaker 1: You need to show everybody how
to dribble. Speaker 1: Alright. That’s how to become a better power displaying
the drop step move. To the inside or the outside. Left shoulder or right shoulder. Establishing good post position, and powering
up, and finishing at the basket.

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  1. For the guys who gave up league basketball years ago like me, if you still play at the gym and want to work on playing in the post, please beef up your lower body. (Don't skip leg day like the dude playing defense in this video) It helps significantly if you have great lower body strength.

    Take, for example, Shaq – he was nearly ALL lower body strength and bulldozed his way to most of his points.

    Oats and squats, my friends. Oats and squats.

  2. Ouh ! gusto ko talagang matuto ng baskett please lord tuLungan mo ako para matuto gustong gusto ko talaga ! 🙁

  3. they all do lol. respects for black guys and their skills in basketball, but a lot of them need to workout on their legs more.

  4. You use two hands to protect the ball from your defender or other people reaching at it , there hands will get hit hard

  5. To answer all of your comments, firstly, it is not s double dribble coz he caught the ball then bounced it and caught it again, it is only a double dribble if he is continuously dribbling the ball then picks it up and bounces it, also, it is not a travel coz he only took 2 steps, u are allowed to do that

  6. It isn't a double dribble, it's called a power dribble. As long as that's your only dribble (after a catch or rebound), it's fine to dribble it with 2 hands. Nothing else though, no 1 hand dribble and then 2 hand, no double 2 hand dribble.

    Just drop step, 2 handed dribble, pick up your dribble, layup.

  7. First off you need both hands in air to catch the ball and keep it from the defender (show your numbers) and you need to step to the ball. Look up and down the passing lane and a drop step to the basket. That's a proper for of a drop step.

  8. Its not a double dribble. Its called a power dribble. When you do a single dribble with both hands. Then take your one or two steps. Its used in basketball all the time. Its more of a finishing dribble.

  9. You must not know there will be other people on the court in less 1 on 1 but I don’t think the guy would be on the side probably behind him

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