How to do Card Tricks : Basic Side Hand Magic Trick

How to do Card Tricks : Basic Side Hand Magic Trick

Hi! I’m Chris McKay with Expert
I am going to show you guys how to do a very
basic magic trick today. It uses a little
side hand actually. You can learn more about
my work as a professional magician and my
website which is Okay,
so I am going to show you just the performance
of this trick and then afterwards I’ll show
you how to do it okay. First thing you do,
you have the person pick out any card they
want. So you can either spread them on the
table like I showed you how to do before or
you can just hold them in your hands or you
can have them just take the deck and pull
out whichever card they want; so they pull
out any card they want okay. Say they picked
the 10 clubs and then I’m going to say alright
just tell me when to stop, say stop right
there. Okay, I’ll put your card right there
in the middle of the deck. I’ll keep shuffling
it in there till your card is lost in the
deck hopelessly. Now what I want you to do,
I tell the spectators that they can cut the
cards anywhere they want. So they go ahead
and cut the cards. So alright I am going to
mark that card. Let’s go over this real
quick. You picked your card. You could have
picked any cards you wanted in the entire
deck, okay. Then I shuffle to the cards, you
told me when to stop, you could decide anywhere
you wanted to stop, I stop right there. You
put your card there. I continue to shuffle
the cards and lost your card completely and
I hope it is at the end of the deck. Now I
think that your intuition guided you right
back to your card and I think you naturally
cut right to your card, so lift off this chunk
of cards and show them sure enough, they cut
right to their 10 of clubs. Alright, this
is actually very, very easy trick, very easy,
okay. You are going to have to know how to
do a Hindu shuffle for this. I showed that
on a previous video so go ahead and reference
that if you need to know how to do a Hindu
shuffle but here is what you are doing. You
have them pick out a card and first you do
a regular Hindu shuffle to demonstrate basically
what a Hindu shuffle looks like and you say
you know it, just tell me when to stop whenever
you want. I am just doing a regular Hindu
shuffle, nothing fancy here, okay. They say
stop whenever and then they put their card
down right there, okay. Then I do the Hindu
shuffle control. I grab onto their card like
this, chunk of cards and pull off chunks here
until I get down to their card. Again, a detailed
explanation of the Hindu shuffle is showed
on a previous video. So now their card is
right here on top. The next part of this is
a very simple deception. Their card is on
top right now and you tell them to cut the
cards. They can truly cut the cards anywhere
they want but then what you do is you say
alright I am going to mark that cut and you
turn these cards 90 degrees and put them right
on top. Now really if you were truly cutting
the cards, you would just put these right
on top and square; that would be a fair cut.
Really what you are doing is you are just
saying alright I am just going to mark it
like that, okay and they don’t realize at
first what you’re doing, Okay, or even what
they did but you distract me even more by
going through and explaining how the entire
trick was done. So this gives what’s called
time misdirection. Over the course of you
explaining all the different things that you
did, you shuffle them, they picked any card,
and they could have told you when to stop
anytime. As you go through that entire explanation
they begin to forget what they actually did
here when they cut and that actually the card
that they cut you is the one on top here but
since we’re misdirecting them they are going
to gradually forget basically through the
course of my explanation. It’s also important
to have a little performance here, a little
bit of an explanation of magic and kind of
how it works. So I give this phony explanation
that their intuition is guiding them to the
card as they cut. So I explain that and then
you just pick off this half and show them
this card which has actually been on top the
whole time and it appears to them that you
shuffled the card in there and you didn’t
even know what the card was the entire time;
they were able to cut to it themselves. So
it’s a very, very impressive magic trick
that uses just minimal slide of hand and a
little bit of misdirection.

100 thoughts on “How to do Card Tricks : Basic Side Hand Magic Trick”

  1. when your showing us how to do the trick you wen from the 4 of dimonds and ended the trick with the 5 of spaids… you messed up

  2. the reason why he got the wrong card at the end is cause he cut it the right way then did it a normal cut. and then cut it again time 3:00-3:04 is where he does it

  3. what type of deck is that and where did you get it?? please respond because i need to get a good pack of cards for a tournament. it would also be great if you can tell me another good brand.

  4. i got too freaked out to even finish this… i was following along with the demonstration, not the explanation and i picked the 4 of diamonds so i just randomly put into the deck, now, the guy had picked the 10 of clubs, i ended up with the 10 of clubs on top of the deck by accident. in his explanation he then got the 4 of diamonds… messed up shit right there

  5. at least he tried its not easy why don't you try do a magic trick in front of everyone and if you mess up badly everyone will start laughing at you and then you'll see how it feels

  6. for the so many kids saying he failed the second time. well if you paid attention he showed how the real "cut" was and when you do that yes ur chance of getting the same cards is 1/52 sooo kids pay attention

  7. Is there a single person in the world that watched the start demonstration and DIDN'T instantly think "that's not where you cut to; you cut to the one on top"? I know people can be stupid but most people you try that 'trick' on would see that instantly and you'd be the one embarrassed!

  8. nice! finally a new trick =p i cant believe i didnt notice the card pick up 😛 but once i saw the "cut card" was from the wrong portion i figured it out 😉 but i doubt normal ppl will figure it out

  9. He got a different card out while teaching because he had shown a proper cut earlier in the video, which mixed up the cards. The technique still works.

  10. What happens if the person you are doing the trick to puts the card  when you have almost no more cards to shuffle on your right hand and it is too obvious?

  11. Did you see that he faild cause at first he showed you the card and it was 4. Diamonds and when it was done it was a 5 spades so basically fails

  12. It's coincidentally funny that the card he picked when he explained the game, 10 of clubs, is the one that ended up at the top of deck when he cut when he is explaining the trick at 3:40

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