How to do Card Tricks : Composition of a Deck of Playing Cards

How to do Card Tricks : Composition of a Deck of Playing Cards

Hello! My name is Chris McKay. I’m here
on behalf of Expert and I am going
to explain some basics of playing cards with
you. If you’d like to check out more about
my services, you can go to my website which
is Anyway, I just wanted to
demonstrate just what a basic deck of cards
consists of. We’ve got four different suits.
I picked up the 3’s here. We’ve got diamonds,
spades, hearts and clubs; that’s pretty
basic and then there are also 13 different
values that go with each of the four suits.
They go two through ten in numbers and then
go jack, queen, king and ace, in that order.
There are several manufacturers of cards;
I am using bicycle cards right here by the
US Playing Card Company. They have a nice
finish on them. I suggest pretty much any
cards will do that don’t have a plastic
coating. What you want is a nice finish so
that they slide nicely and there is not a
lot of friction so it’s worth it to pay
the extra 50 cents to get a decent deck of
cards. There are also different sizes of cards.
These happen to be poker sized. They also
come in bridge size, which is just a little
narrower and they are just designed for playing
bridge with. Casinos also have different kind
of designs on their cards, sometimes they
will have, these are called pips, and they’ll
have pips in each of the four corners. It’s
just kind of security precaution because it’s
difficult to see the pips if they’re covered
in certain ways especially on the aces. Sometimes
casinos will also have rounded corners instead
of pointed corners in two of the corners that
way if a card is reversed, it t is easier
to see because that corner will protrude.
I don’t suggest purchasing previously used
casino cards because obviously they are little
worn in and they are not as nice as a brand
new pack playing cards. Also cards come in
bordered and non-bordered. These are bordered
cards. There have a white border on them.
Other types of card you might have seen is
B-cards and the design pattern goes all the
way to the edges on those and again if the
cards are reversed in the deck, facing opposite
direction, it’s pretty easy to see. Since
these are all wide on the edges, you cannot
see. When there are no borders, it’s easier
to see a card facing the opposite direction.
That’s the basics of different types of
cards. I suggest just standard Bicycle cards
by the US Playing Card Company. They also
offer another type of cards called Tallyho.
Those are really the best, they last a longtime
and they feel really nice in your hands. So
those are different styles of playing cards.

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  1. There! That's the other brand of cards. Tally-Ho playing cards are the only ones I prefer over Bicycle playing cards. I think there was one called Royal something… those were good too.

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