How to do Card Tricks : Hindu Shuffle Control with a Deck of Playing Cards

How to do Card Tricks : Hindu Shuffle Control with a Deck of Playing Cards

Hi! I’m Chris McKay with Expert
I am going to show you guys how to do a Hindu
shuffle control. You can visit my website
at This is keeping a card
on top of the deck, all right. So say I have
got the six of hearts on top. I will keep
the face up, so you can see what’s going
on a little easier. I’m going to pull off
a bottom chunk with my thumb and my middle
finger again, only this time I am going to
grip deep on the cards. Instead of holding
it at the tips of my fingers I am going to
grip more at the knuckle of my thumb and more
at the knuckle of my middle finger, okay.
This way when I come back over to supposedly
pull off chunk of cards and let them fall
on top of the 6, actually I am going to come
in here and on the bottom I am going to grab
just a chunk of cards including the six and
simultaneously pull off the chunk off top
like this. So now I am holding two chunks
of cards with a gap between them in my right
hand and I can keep pulling off cards off
the top chunk until I feel where I get to
that gap and when I feel that gap, I know
to stop and the six is on top to a face down
pulling off the bottom chunk, letting the
top chunk fall onto my left hand and then
I am pulling with my right hand, I am grabbing
under the bottom chunk or some of those cards.
With my top hand, I am grabbing more off the
top and then pulling like that and let those
fall and I keep grabbing chunks off the top
until I get down to that break and you can
feel it. It’s called a break. It’s called
holding a break between cards. I can feel
it and now I know to stop and so that card
should be on top still, six of hearts. So
in fast motion, it looks like this, that’s
on top.

70 thoughts on “How to do Card Tricks : Hindu Shuffle Control with a Deck of Playing Cards”

  1. finally a good tutorial from xpertvill.
    and finally a simple explanation of the controlled hindu shuffle
    finally i can make this comment
    finally i can leave it alone!

  2. Anyone know if it's possible to control the card to the bottom of the deck while using a Hindu Shuffle?
    The only shuffle that I can think of with a bottom control is the over-hand shuffle.

  3. What about when someone picks a card from the deck and replaces it somewhere in the deck… how do you hindu shuffle to bring the chosen card to the top? Been working on it but can't get it, brother…

  4. it would be a lot easier if u had the camera like above your head looking like you would be looking cause then everything wont be like opposite. sounds noobish but im a noob 😛

  5. when he says hes got the 6 of hearts on top i flip my cards over and grabbed the first one and it was a 7 of hearts…weird

  6. ive done this shuffle from when i was a kid, its not hard but… i can never do the riffle shuffle 🙁

  7. haha he can' t get banned for that nor can the video be removed cheating and showing how to cheat are no voilation of the youtube regulation. therefore (unless the cheating is considered a crime by the constitution) banning the video and/or user is not possible.

  8. not a criticism but why not just grab the whole bottom pack and maintain the break so it just looks like a regular cut – instead of having to pull a pack off the bottom AND the top at the same time – seems like splitting that bottom pack up while forming a break is an extra complication that is unnecessary – pulling a pack off the bottom AND top while forming a break is not easy ( i know – card tricks are not easy ) lol –
    i'm total noob so what do i know

  9. Hey I'm from the User account Alirezaieyan from four years ago and I hope you can accept my apology for what I said I was a stupid kid then I regret what I did and hopefully I didn't offend you horribly.

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