How to do Card Tricks : How to Deal Playing Cards

How to do Card Tricks : How to Deal Playing Cards

My name is Chris McKay with Expert
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I want to show you guys today how to deal
cards. This is something that’s some people
can’t just do quite right; I’ll give you
a couple of pointers, Basically, you want
to push the cards off when you are in mechanics
grip and if you don’t know mechanics grips,
just check out the other video. You are in
mechanics grip you want to push off cards,
you want to try and push them off one at a
time, and you don’t want to have a big spread
of cards here because it’s going to make
it hard for you to grip on to just one card.
So you are going to try and regulate how many
cards you are pushing over by using these
three fingers here; that’s kind of a gage.
You can feel how many cards you’re pushing
over and all you want to do is be able to
push off one card at a time. Another thing
that’s very important when you are dealing
is that you don’t expose the cards in anyway
and flicking them down like this can obviously
and really expose the cards to other players.
So it’s a good practice and what they do
in casinos is they kind of glide the card
across the table or just push it right to
the person they just deal with down under
the table and in front of him and push it
to the person because you don’t want to
have someone prematurely see what the value
of card is. You know if you’ve got a big
table you don’t really want to push the
card all the way across because it could catch
a puff of air and then flip over all together
and that’s not good at all. So probably
the best way of doing it is just to you know
go around, get as close you can to each person
and just put the card down. There is no need
to flick it down, just place the card down
in front of the person it belongs to. So that’s
the basics of dealing a card.

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  1. No duh yuu dip shit it's called "expert village" wow yuu really taught me a lesson! I already knew tht try teaching something tht goes wit EXPERT not "teaching dumbasses"

  2. pointless video. the guy said in the beginning "go check out my other video if u dont know what dadadadada is"…..I'm guessing its how you hold the cards.


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