How to Dribble through Legs as You Run | Basketball

Swoop: Broadway. Broadway: Yo. Swoop: Can you teach me some other drills,
man? Broadway: Absolutely. Swoop: What you gonna teach me now? Broadway: I’m gonna teach you how to handle
the basketball, running with the ball while putting it under your legs. Swoop: What’s this gonna do for me, man? Broadway: This is gonna help your hand-eye
coordination. Swoop: Really? Broadway: It’s gonna help you become a better
basketball player. Swoop: Uh-huh. Broadway: It’s gonna increase your endurance. Swoop: Oh, okay. Broadway: Yeah. Swoop: Let me see what it’s all about, man. Broadway: It’s gonna strengthen your legs,
too. Swoop: Okay. So what are we doing here? Broadway: You know how you put the ball under
your legs like that? Swoop: Oh, yeah? Broadway: Yeah, just lift that knee up. Swoop: Uh-huh. Broadway: But now we’re going to stay low,
and we’re going to run at the same time. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: But I’m going to bring in an expert
to show us how to do it. Swoop: Really? Where’s the expert? Broadway: King Arthur. Swoop: Whoa. Hey, let’s go into the court and see what
we got then. Broadway: Okay. Swoop: All right. Broadway: All right, Swoop. Swoop: Yeah. Broadway: So now King Arthur’s going to show
you . . . Swoop: Right. Broadway: … he’s gonna just walk through
it, how to bend your knees. And he’s just walking with it right now. Swoop: Right. Broadway: See that? Swoop: Uh-huh. Broadway: Trying to keep his head up. Swoop: Uh-huh. Broadway: And he can see the court. And he’ll come back towards us and you’ll
be able to see it . . . Swoop: Right. Broadway:. . . as he comes in front of you. Swoop: OK. It’s . . . Broadway: So, King Arthur’s actually working
on his legs. He’s working on seeing the court. He’s working on his hand-eye coordination,
and he’s working on becoming a better ball handler. Swoop: All right. So, let me me see. Can he do that faster, then? Broadway: Yeah, he can do that faster. So he can run up the court. Swoop: Where’s he going? Broadway: He’s going all the way down. Swoop: Oh, okay. Broadway: He needs to come back though. Swoop: Oh, come on back. Broadway: You see that? Swoop: Oh, that’s nice. That’s nice. That’s nice. Whoa. Broadway: Yeah. Swoop: That’s pretty good, man. Broadway: See, Swoop, it’s all about practice
makes permanent. Swoop: Permanent? Broadway: Yes. Swoop: Not perfect? Broadway: Nobody’s perfect, Swoop. Swoop: You’re right. Except me? Broadway: No, absolutely not. Swoop: Oh? Broadway: So we want to work on . . . Swoop: You? Broadway: No, I’m not perfect either. Swoop: King Arthur, he’s a king, but he’s
not perfect. Broadway: No, he’s not perfect. Swoop: Oh. Broadway: But he is a good ball handler. Swoop: Nice. Broadway: And if you want to work on your
speed, agility, quickness, your leg strength, and hand-eye coordination, work on putting
the ball through your legs while on the move. Swoop: Nice, nice.

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