How to Get Any Video Game for Free

How to Get Any Video Game for Free

Okay, so.. in this video
We’re going to talk about how to get video games for free you get any video game you want for free
So the first thing you have to do is open up netscape navigator, and then we want to go to
the United States webpage called
now the cool thing about
you’re gonna see there’s this bar here
you’re not gonna see it anywhere else
It says What are you looking for?
Now the cool thing about this is you can type in anything you want
The government will find it for you and give it to you for free
It’s the perk of being a united States citizen if you’re not a united States citizen
You could probably still use it anyway, so what are we looking for?
Well, you could type in car keys or whatever we’re looking for video games
We’re going to put in video games, okay?
and we want to click on one that says the vice president meets with the video game industry (who knew?)
He’s going to be talking to everyone who ever works in the video game industry the whole video game industry is in that room
we want to go to the
one YouTube page for that and
So this is a livestream (you can definitely tell that 🙂 )
that’s a livestream of the whole thing (are you sure?) and we want to type in a message
And we want him to say we want to ask the vice president
Biden ask Gabe, Newman Ceo of Volvo
To have more steam sales to get free video games, okay?
So we you type in that and click post?
Okay, and then
We want to wait a little while
And we want to see if he we want to see if gabe new manned responded so we want to search
Joe Biden Gabe Newell
and then
Okay oh. Yeah, you responded so we want to go to this one
and then
So this is just going to be Gabe Newell’s response if it ever loads
Alright, so I waited a while. I guess we had to wait for his response and here’s another live stream of
Gabe, Newman talking about
to Joe biden about the free video game sales, so
He said yes, so we’re going to thank him
Thank you
Gabe Newman
the free video games on the internet
We appreciate the video games
for free on the sale, and then you click post and
Then I saw I guess he already did it so we’re gonna. We’re going to check
we’re going to check our steam account
And there it is Call of Duty!
The one that we wanted and look at all these other free games that we got
So there’s all the free video games for from Gabe, Newman
So that’s how you get free video games. You just have to ask the government, and they give it to you,
okay, hope it helped. bye!

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  9. I remember watching this years ago and thinking it was real then got really annoyed. Its quite funny now 🙂

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