How To Get Cruise Cabin Credits and Discounts Military Firefighter Teachers Casino Play Past Guest

How To Get Cruise Cabin Credits and Discounts Military Firefighter Teachers Casino Play Past Guest

hey everybody its Bruce here with
traveling with Bruce how you guys doing
today if you’ve ever wanted to go on a
ship like the celebrity edge and who
wouldn’t want to try ship like this you
gotta wonder what it will cost you to
get on a ship like that and also is
there any way to get any kind of cabin
credits or deals that type of thing well
a ship like the edge or any of the other
fantastic cruise ships in the celebrity
line or Royal Caribbean or any of the
other brands you got to do your shopping
you got a shopper out uh you can find
deals from time to time but there are
also times where you can be a little
imaginative and make the right phone
call so you might be able to get your
hands on some cabin credits and that’s
what this video is all about what kind
of cabin credits are onboard spending
credits can you get and it all depends
on well how hard you look first of all
cruise lines offer cabin credits all the
time this is not an unusual thing and
depending on the time of the year
depending on how full the ship is
depending on the the cabin
classification that you’re getting you
might be able to get a cabin credit from
as little as $25 a cabin up to five
hundred a thousand dollars a cabin it’s
not uncommon for a cruise line to offer
say a one-week cruise where they’ll
offer a 100 dollar cabin credit if you
book early or if you are booking you
know say a shoulder season maybe between
say Thanksgiving and Christmas a bit of
a slower period and the Caribbean all
the ships are coming back from Europe
for the Caribbean cruising season in the
winter cruise lines will start offering
all kinds of deals you might find that
the the cabin normally goes for a
thousand bucks for a week but you can
get it for $8.99 but as a sweetener the
cruise line will offer you $100 cabin
credit on top of that so asking the
cruise lines is one way to go to get a
cabin credit another way that passengers
find that they can get cabin credits are
booking through their travel agents
travel agents are given
promotional dollars all the time by the
cruise lines to push business their way
so if you’re talking to a travel agent
about a ship like the the celebrity edge
here you’re looking at going on a nice
one-week vacation or ten-day whatever it
is you may find that your travel agent
has cabin credits available through
Royal Caribbean and their subsidiary
line celebrity but they can pass on to
so they might tell you look I can get
you this cabin for for $8.99 a person
it’s a balcony but I can also give you a
cabin credit of $50 on top of the the
deal that the cruise line is offering or
I can give you a credit towards
specialty dining or I can give you a
credit towards other features of the of
the ship unit never hurts to ask your
travel agent if you’re onboard the edge
for example if you’re on board the board
the edge and you’re thinking boy I’d
love to go on another cruise on either
this ship or this Cruise Line they have
offices the folks at Celebrity will have
an office on board the ship where you
can book your own future cruise and
they’ll have incentives that might run
along the lines of hey you’ve got three
days left to go on this cruise if you
book a cruise with us today for say next
year give us a five hundred all or
deposit towards the cruise we’ll give
you a one hundred dollar cabin credit on
this cruise right now that you can enjoy
for the rest of the cruise to put it
towards your tips or whatever you want
and we’ll also give you an advance
booking credit against the cruise that
you’re going to go on and if you’re
giving us a $500 deposit we might give
you a $250 cab and credit towards the
next cruise you’re taking with us these
are also available referral bonus for
first-time first-timers or groups if
you’re putting together a family cruise
something like that or a church group
cruise or any kind of a group cruise you
know a bunch of folks playing bingo all
the time you can go after something
called a referral bonus credit because
you’re bringing in let’s say
ten other people to come along and
you’re looking at five other cabins the
cruise line may throw you a cabin credit
as a referral bonus by just referring
others to the to the cruise line it
varies if you can book enough cabins
let’s say eight cabins or more you’ll
likely be offered a free fare for at
least one of the two people in your
cabin perhaps you might get an entire
cabin as a freebie
because of the fact that you’re booking
the total of eight it’s always good to
ask now if your cruise drops in price
your you’ve booked your cruise a year
out and you find that with six months to
go the cabin that you booked for say
$1,000 a person is now at seven hundred
dollars a person you contact your travel
agent or your contact the cruise line
all depends on who you booked this
cruise through you tell them about the
price drop you might be entitled to a
cabin credit equal to the drop in price
of the fare that’s a way to be
compensated for the fact that you booked
early at the higher price the same cabin
is going for a lower rate you have the
right with more than six months left to
go to cancel without any charge you
could theoretically cancel you a cruise
turn around and rebook or the cruise
line one might say to you well keep your
reservation it will give you the
difference in a cabin credit and enjoy
yourself so that’s something to keep an
eye out for as well of course if ships
miss ports they have mechanical troubles
there’s problems on the ship the cruise
lines may offer you a cabin credit right
onboard the ship while you’re on the on
the sailing itself sometimes you can get
cabin credits through casino credits
you’re going downstairs and playing on a
slot machine every night making sure you
put your room card or your casino slot
card in the machine to rack up points
you may be entitled to cabin credits
based on your play now it may not give
you you may not get any credits on the
cruise you’re on but you certainly might
qualify for cabin credits on your next
cruise so if they give you a 1-800
number for the casino Department on the
back of that card you’re thinking
booking a cruise on that cruise line
down the road you may want to call the
casino department booked a cabin through
them and see what kind of cabin credits
they give you might be more than what
you can get through a regular travel
agent other cabin credits that you could
qualify for are over 55 year old cabin
credits if you’re over 55 you might call
apply for a senior credit part of the
military used to be in the military you
could qualify for past military members
or current military members you could be
qualifying for a teacher credits you
could be qualifying for firefighter a
room principal all kinds doesn’t hurt to
sometimes cruise lines will offer what
are known as regional room credits so
you might live say in a particular
province in Canada they might have a
promotion for the province of Alberta
for the month of January you might get a
hundred hundred fifty dollar cabin
credit just because you’re from that
province in the USA it might be a cabin
credit for people from the northeast
part of the country or the northwest or
just a Americans get a credit there are
a million reasons why cruise lines offer
credits to spur business you’ve got to
ask and find out what’s available for
you and there you go travel credits in
lieu of airfare sometimes the cruise
lines will offer free airfare as part of
their cruise especially the six star
lines but you may find that you can get
a better deal on your own for a airfare
credit or you might find that you’re
close enough to drive to a port of call
you don’t need an airfare credit you
instead of taking a free airfare deal
might get a cabin credit for up to $500
in lieu of the fact that you’re not
taking the air credit and then don’t
forget the other one past guest credits
that’s the one where you’ve been on the
ship or the cruise line five times six
times eight times as a past guest you
qualify for credits and this again is a
way to for the cruise line to thank you
for the business you’ve given them over
the years and it’s a no-brainer one
other to consider shareholder credits if
you’re a shareholder of either Carnival
or Royal Caribbean or Norwegian you’re
looking at getting a cabin credit every
time you take a cruise on top of any
other credits that are being offered you
buy the cruise line even idea if you
take a one-week cruise say with any of
the Carnival Cruise Line ships a
carnival that would be a princess all in
America Cunard cost of cruising any of
these guys
and same with Royal Caribbean all along
celebrity or Norwegian you take a
one-week cruise your entire entitled to
a 100 dollar cabin credit as a
shareholder of the company
you need to have 100 shares of stock in
your account so if you have a brokerage
account or you have a visor that you use
through a bank you own 100 shares of the
cruise line you can qualify for a 100
dollar cabin each time you take a cruise
it’s unlimited you take 4 cruises a year
you can get that credit four times a
year as long as you hold the stock
you’re entitled to the credit you talk
to your travel agent about how to get
that or you can always call the 800
number through the cruise line tell them
that you’re a shareholder of the company
that you want to get a shareholder
credit they’ll help guide you as to how
to do it there you go there’s a whole
bunch of ways that you can get credits
cabin credits on these cruise lines
whether it’s an inside cabin or whether
it’s the outside cabin it’s one of these
iconic Suites right here where the
curtains open up automatically with
electronic buttons and you have a butler
you qualify for cabin credits until you
ask you’ll never know what you can get
there you go I hope you enjoyed this
video today I hope you found it useful
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this video I’d love
making it love these pictures here from
from the folks at celebrity some of
these sweets are just to die for I don’t
know if I can afford one of these myself
but I wouldn’t mind taking a look at one
of these thanks again have a great day
everybody we’ll see you next time bye
for now

12 thoughts on “How To Get Cruise Cabin Credits and Discounts Military Firefighter Teachers Casino Play Past Guest”

  1. Bruce. I find that if you work with the same person from your favorite cruise line every time. My next cruise I will be in a suite for about the same as a balcony. She always is looking out for deals for me.

  2. Always book with a travel agent, rather than directly through the cruise line. Agencies can offer absolutely every deal that the cruise line can offer and more. They can give you the cruise line promotion and often extra amenities like onboard credit, specialty dining, free pre-paid gratuities and more. Many times they can give you all that, plus a lower rate since they can block their space when the sailing is first released. They have protected lower rates as opposed to the cruise line which will only offer you their prevailing rate of the day!

  3. I work with the same Cruise Planner. She keeps me up to date on promotions and her agency will usually kick in an OBC.

  4. Bruce lets start a discussion on a Live session of Travel Agencies from US and CA and who has best OBC and discount offers for different lines! I think that would be really valuable for your group!!!

  5. $500 on NCL gets you $250 credit…though I booked a cruise for sept for 1299 and it is now $899 i called and all they would give me was $90 and the manager did not want to do that it seems he was haggling with the customer service credit…next time take the hit for the refund and rebook you still make out like a bandit…my mistake.

  6. I personally know a couple of people who work in the industry. They tell me “they” have given a lot of credits to people who complain about something and you might not believe some of the stupid complaints made. I think it sounds like a scam someone came up with and other lowlifes have caught on. “I was competing in the bikini contest and the people looking at me made me feel unsafe on the ship so I couldn’t enjoy my cruise. I need money to make everything ok.” Cruise lines should stand up to these kinds of people and not give in to such bs.

  7. Used travel agent for first time this cruise. Got $200 credit from princess, and $50 credit from travel agent. Plus 2 specialty dining from princess and 1 specialty dining from travel agent. I feel special!!

  8. Hey Bruce…update…attending Cardio Rehab…I love this post! My Son, Jason loves to take cruises! He drives truck, and the personal license plate on his Explorer is DRV2CRZ!!!

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