How To Get Free MyVegas Chips

How To Get Free MyVegas Chips

Hey Spinners and Sharks, Ace of Vegas here.
And today we’re gonna go over all the
sources of free chips in the myVegas
universe. That way we’ll keep you
spinning longer and playing stronger: To
get more free hotel stays more, free
buffets, and most importantly more free
play. Because, well hotels make everything
better. So without further ado here’s how
to get more free myVegas chips!
How to get myVegas free chips. MyVegas
Facebook has eight sources of free chips.
The first one is your daily spin.
This occurs once every 22 hours and
delivers a massive amount of chips. This
bounty is multiplied up to eight times
if you log in every day and have at
least 50 friends that play the game. The
next is the free sample from the chip
purchase menu. MyVegas offers 50,000
free chips every three hours. You can
collect them as you see fit. Friend gifts
are a daily source of chips. Send these
to your friends and click the chips and
loyalty points that they send back.
Number 4 on our list is the mystrip
feature. playing on your in-game Vegas
strip board allows you to collect
thousands of chips and even occasionally
loyalty point bonuses. Depending on the
point you select on the map, they’ll
replenish themselves every hour to eight
hours. Player shares are an underutilized
resource. Sharing a big win, level up or
other achievement, will result in a chip
link being generated on your Facebook
Timeline. Friends can click it for it
for a free chip bonus and you can click theirs
for one of your own. MyVegas Advisor is
also an excellent source of free chips.
They provide new bonus codes every day
click the link and collect your chips in
the press of a button. Check your
promotional box for your email that you
use for Facebook. Playstudios will often
send promotional emails to players
especially the ones that have been
played in some time. These promos will
offer free chips and “get you winning” as
they say. And finally finishing contests as
well as increasing your level will offer
a bounty of free chips to use as you see
fit. How to get MyVegas app free chips.
MyVegas slots mobile only has six
sources of free chips. Like its
predecessor the daily spin is the
biggest in-game chip bonus you can get.
This is followed closely by number 2 on
our list; the hourly bonus. The hourly
bonuses crop up once every two hours and
are increased by your my VIP level
making some bonuses quite substantial.
The myVegas app also offers 15 gifts
you can give and receive from friends
for a few thousand chips apiece. Visiting from your phone or
tablet allows you to pick up more
free chips through bonus codes. Click on
the links and collect your rewards. On
your way out,
check the fifth source of chips: Your
email. Especially if you haven’t played
in a while. MyVegas will often send out
a special link for you to cut free bonus
chips for a day of play. And of course
winning contests & increasing your level
yet another free source of chips as you play
How to get free my konami chips. Mykonami slots offers an incredible amount
of free chips. The first source as always
is the daily spin. This amount is
multiplied by your my VIP level as well
as your daily sign ins up to three times.
The mega lucky games where you exchange
your tickets typically turn out quite a
few free chips for play. You can bet the
tickets in increments of 5, 25, 100, or a
thousand for a huge bonus. My Konami also
offers friend gifts like the prior
games but you can only collect chips
from up to 10 friends a day. No limit on
sending so be sure to send chips to
everybody on your list. A unique chip
source is my konami’s daily challenges.
Upon completion of each daily challenge
you’ll get a chip bonus package and then
a huge bounty for completing all three
challenges in a single day. Email is
still an underutilized resource for my
Konami players, especially the players
that don’t play daily. Check those for
bonus codes. Second to last is the hourly
bonuses provided by my Konami once every
two hours in-game. Certain events even
cut the wait time to once every hour so
keep an eye on that: You could make up a
large chip deficit very quickly. And
while there’s no chip bonus for a
level up the consistently running
contests on my Konami will refill that
chip meter of yours no problem.
How to get free myVegas blackjack chips.
MyVegas Blackjack doesn’t have much to offer in
the way of free chips. But there are
methods. The first method I’m sure you’ve
guessed it is your daily spin. Well not
so much a spin, more of a gift box
Either way it may grant you with a large
bounty of chips. Usually if you’re low or
have no chips the bounty will be very
high and enable a lot more play. Your
next reliable method of getting free
chips is your two hour hourly bonus.
It’s usually just enough for a bet or two, but
as you guys know a good bet in
blackjack can be game breaking. Pardon
the pun. And the last way you get free
chips and my Vegas blackjack is to level
up. Every 5 levels you get a bonus bounty
of chips. Strategy is a lot more
important in this game given the lack of
free resources in game. I encourage you
to check out a few of our MyVegas Blackjack
tutorials here including one inspired by
the team at MyVegasAdvisor. We get a
lot of great feedback on these and
blackjack is the best loyalty point
generator for players under a million
loyalty points. How to get free pop slots
chips. How to get free Pop! Slots
chips is a question we can answer a
little better than we could answer
blackjack. The daily bonus is a simple
fixed amount of chips based on your
level, no myVIP bonus is to be found
though. The next source will be your
hourly bonus like the other mobile games,
expect to collect this once every two
hours. To no one’s surprise level ups and
contests are another way to replenish
your chips if you play through a lot of
them in the game. A fourth very easy way
to replenish your chips is to use our
friends at my Vegas advisor yet again on
your mobile device and collect the free
bonus codes there. And last but certainly
not least pop a few balloons! You’ll
usually pray for loyalty points in your
balloons and you’ll pop those over the
course of the games but occasionally
these balloons will yield experience
bonuses and more importantly precious
chips to keep you playing. And that’s it
those are all the ways to gather free
chips in myVegas slots and it’s
family of games. I hope this guide was
informative if it was I’d appreciate a
like on today’s video also feel free to
subscribe if you’d enjoy more content
from me in the future. So until next time
my Spinners and Sharks, Ace of Vegas is
signing out. Strong hands and happy
spinning you guys 🙂

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  1. Did you mention notifications? Although it's annoying to have them enabled, both MyKonami and MyVegas mobile apps will give you free chips if you tap on their notifications when you receive them.

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