[Applause] [Music] hello people it’s Skywalker and today I’m going to be showing you how to get your game DVR clips onto your computer this works for Mac and PC and there are actually three different ways to do this there’s a way to do it with the Safari web browser Firefox web browser and also Google Chrome browser but I’m not going to be showing that in this video they’re all pretty much the same any web browser I’m just gonna be showing Safari and Firefox but anyway there’s another way that’s super easy and a lot better way but it does not require web browser but you do need a USB 3.0 that you are going to be using now first I am going to be showing the USB 3.0 way to do it um yeah so let’s hop over to the Xbox alright now we were on the Xbox so there has to be a USB 3.0 and asked me formatted to a certain format which I will be showing you in a second pretty much what you do is you insert your USB to your Xbox here it is so then what you do is you go home or press the home button I guess it’s not really the home button anymore but used to be um then you go to broadcasting capture you go to advanced settings and it will bring you to here so mine’s already on the samsung USB but yours will be on internal are you gonna select 1080p which is the best quality this stuff doesn’t matter but choose 720p or 1080p the five minutes and two minutes just ignore that for now because that’s what it is without the USB choose the USB that you have and just read that whatever confirm now what this will do is allow you to do 1080p but it will let you record let’s go over here sorry no here and I’m not in a videogame right now I’m it’s lets you record up to an hour a whole hour and what it will do is that it will save to your USB that is a good way to record your clips but anyway how to get them on to your computer pretty easy plug the USB from your console plug it into your computer and now it will pop up here samsung USB and you got your clip let’s take a this fortnight one right here drag it to your desktop and I’ll export it but then you’re good in a minute it will export I’m just not gonna do it cuz I don’t want that clip but yeah I also forgot to mention the format your USB will have to be 4-minute – NTFS format so I will now show you how to do that alright I am now on Windows 10 sorry about the little bars on the top and bottom of the screen so now what you’re going to do is you’re gonna go to your file explorer to format it you go here and select the USB go to format and file system make sure this is on NTFS mine was not it was originally on something else but change it to NTFS use this I’m not gonna do that right now because I already did it but you’re gonna choose start and it will erase everything on your USB so make sure there’s nothing on it when you do that and then you’re good now if you plug it into your Xbox that will work and also I just want to say if you are on Mac and you’re plugging in the USB you cannot format it on Mac it has to be formatted on PC because it’s a Microsoft thing has to be on Microsoft device and also you can like I showed earlier you can can drag the files onto your desktop but you can actually not edit the files that are on the USB you cannot put files onto that USB when it’s 4-minute – NTFS it has to be done on a PC eaten on a Mac you cannot do anything but take the file and drag it to your desktop on Mac everything else must be done on PC alright now we will be showing you how to do this on safari and this is gonna be completely different you do not need USB at all pretty much whenever you record a game clip you are going to need to come over here I think it’s a setting that you can turn on yourself to make it happen all the time but you go to recent captures see all I think it does this automatic automatically I think but gotta see y’all so you’re gonna need to upload it to xbox live my life storage is actually full right now because I’ve never cleared cleaned it up because I’m using the USB you know the printer which what you do is you go to on this Xbox these are this is my only clip on Xbox but weren’t you gonna need to do is go here go to this cloud thing right here choose choose a clip and you go to your cloud thing and you’re gonna not to onedrive but upload it to xbox alive and I’m not going to do that because I don’t want to with that clip but it will be in your upload click upload queue and when that’s finished it will show up on to the on Xbox Live section and these are all the clips on Xbox Live so then what you’re going to do is switch over to your computer and then I’m going to choose Safari or Firefox or any web browser I’m going to show Firefox in a second so once you’re in Safari go to then you’re going to go to my xbox profile and then right here if you’re not signed into xbox comm or Microsoft I’m gonna ask you to sign in I already have and but you’re gonna have to put in your Microsoft’s Xbox email and password but do that and then you’re gonna go to captures this is your profile right here break your do go to captures and these are all your game deer clips that got uploaded to Xbox Live it’s only showing the ones on it that were uploaded to Xbox Live so then you’re gonna choose the one that you want I’ll just choose this one right click do download video or download video as at download video as allows you to name your file and I’m just going to call it recording can’t safe recording one get it click Save and then it will start downloading you’re gonna wait for the recording to finish all right it’s about to finish all right it’s done and then it’s gonna be right here recording one whole thing right here and now I will show the exact same thing but for Firefox so for Firefox you’re just gonna force open Firefox and then you’re gonna go to Xbox comments so first part is the same as Safari or any other web browser but Firefox is a little bit different than Safari you to go to my xbox then profile it right here is when it will ask you to sign in if you haven’t already to Microsoft or Xbox com I already have so I didn’t ask me to but you’re gonna put in your email and password for Microsoft or Xbox account and you’re going to go to captures right here this is your whole profile thing so captures and here are your captures that are uploaded to Xbox Live I have a lot obviously and you’re gonna have to choose the recording that you want I want this one this is a about a front to clip right-click choose save video as and then call it whatever I’ll call it Firefox thingy and then choose mp4 I guess and then you had to save and it will export to your desktop now just wait for that to finish and you will have your clip I’m writing this about the finish and it’s done that’s my recording that I did for this party thing Firefox thingy and here it is the whole clip thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope this helped you if you did have a problem partway through it just tell me everything about what you did and how where you are in the tutorial what party got stuck on and everything and I will help you in the comments myself get through this and get your clips onto your computer now I did have a tutorial on the same subject almost two years ago now I think but I hope this is a lot better and hope this can help you thank you guys so much for watching [Music]


  1. When I goto the account Xbox page only about half of my clips show up from Xbox live i went back and checked and they don’t show up on my Xbox tab they show up on the Xbox live page so idk…

  2. I have a fix if it says pause + mute

    1. CTRL + SHIFT + I or right click on the side and inspect element
    2. Click network
    3. Play clip for a few seconds and something will pop up
    4. Right click and select open in a new tab
    5. CRTL + S or right click and select save as

    Hope this helps

  3. Ok so to get them from my xbox to my windows I just format the USB then plug it into the Xbox and the clips load in automatically if I change the setting in the clip settings…..correct? I dont wanna blow it up

  4. glad to see someone enjoying Veorra as their intro… intro song Strangers by Veorra…. AKA the best trap out there, too bad they dont make music anymore, good video bro thanks

  5. I recorded videos while playing before i got a USB and i want to get the videos in it. But i only find yt vids about recording while the USB is in. How do i do?

  6. ARe you a kid im trying to start a channel and this is really helpful thank you so much I just want to start a channel

  7. if you cant right click i have a solution.

    on the upper left click on file

    then click on save as.

    it should then pop up in your downloads on the bottom right as a some what document.

    click on it and it should open up the same clip but on a different tab

    the press play and then right click it to download it.

  8. Easy way for Firefox without having to inspect element is just to Shift+Right Click and then it will let you save as a MP4

  9. Plz don't tell me ur playin fortnut on ur Mac and cheese
    Also on the top left corner it says windows 10 but he's on mac?

  10. I have a seagate formatted to NFTS. I recorded a 20 minute clip and then plugged it into my PC. However when I go to play the video the sound works but when I play it there is no video

  11. Thank you. But i have 1 question. I already have a montage uploaded in my profile.Can i record it all with my usb then put it in my pc?

  12. I Have Put In My USB In My Xbox And It Comes Up With The External Storage Ready Thing But When I Go On Capture Location It Only Says Internal And External But No USB? Edit: Dont Worry It Says That My USB Is Too Slow.. YEAH THANKS SCHOOL!

  13. This doesn't work anymore.

    If you use the MX5 Browser you can download it with that using their built in feature.

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