How to Improve Your Basketball Skills : How to Draw a Charge in Basketball

How to Improve Your Basketball Skills : How to Draw a Charge in Basketball

I’m Ritchie Greer with Expert Village. Oh,
drawing charges. Why do we draw charges? How do we draw charges? First thing is, the defender
has to make it to his spot before the offensive player has an opportunity to make it there.
It’s all about timing and being in position. Now, as you see, Wes started over here, he
saw my path was going to be through here, so he was able to make a step and gain position
in enough time to establish that spot as being his. Once he is here as an offensive player,
I cannot go through him. He has his space. So, like I said, once again, he came in, he
got the space before I was able to attain that space. I can’t go through him. We make
contact, which most of the time means, when we make contact, he falls down, the ref will
come up and that will be a charge, and the defensive team gets the ball. Drawing charges:
it can win or lose a game.

33 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Basketball Skills : How to Draw a Charge in Basketball”

  1. It's a myth that you must be "set" to take a charge.

    Yes, you have to start with two feet on the floor and facing your opponent. That's legal guarding position. Once legal guarding position is established, though, you CAN move laterally or obliquely to draw a charge. You can even jump straight up, because you're allowed to guard your spot from the floor to the ceiling.

    Being "set" doesn't hurt, but it's not a requirement.

  2. the first defender looked like the cops pulled him ova or somethin. he had his hads up like that and truly, i dont think that was a good stance if ur playing defence.

  3. My god this is beond horrible, this guy dosen't know basketball wort a damn… Sereously i watch these videos when i've had a bad day and need a good laugh. Others people stupidity is always amusing

  4. Why do expert village, had to pick an old person to explain this and young people are the demonstrations or the dummies! lmao

  5. Wow, horrible video! Thanks for also telling us that the defenders feet have to be planted and standing straight up. I think you just demonstrated how to commit a blocking foul. LMAO

  6. hhahahahahahha…..
    that guy is real cowrd !! thinks that that man is gonna do something to him !!!!!!!!
    u know what i mean

  7. LOL Oh my god, you can tell that kid doesn't even play basketball. And you can tell that the adult is a failed basketball player who thinks he didn't make the highschool team because of a fluke. This is a joke.

  8. @ImmortalHunter1276 thats funny, because when you take a charge, ur on defense, so u wouldnt be able to shoot free throws… unless you were taking charges in the bonus 5 times a game, which would be a ridiculous claim.

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