How to Install Xbox Game Pass on PC

How to Install Xbox Game Pass on PC

Hey everyone. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’ll show
you how to install Xbox Game Pass for PC on your computer. Microsoft rolled out Xbox Game Pass for PC
in mid-2019. Similar to Game Pass for Xbox, Xbox Game Pass
for PC gives subscribers access to a large library of games they can install on their
PC and play at no additional cost outside of the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. It’s important to note that to install Xbox
Game Pass for PC on your computer, you need to be running Windows version 1903, also known
as the May 2019 update. As of mid-June 2019, this update hasn’t rolled
out to all Windows users, and you may need to use the Windows update tool to install
this version of Windows OS if you don’t have it already. Now let’s walk through the steps to install
Xbox Game Pass for PC on your computer. Step 1. Open a web browser, navigate to,
and then sign in using your Xbox account. Step 2. Click the “Game Pass” drop-down in the menu
along the top of the screen to open a menu. Choose “PC Games Plan.” The Xbox Game Pass for PC screen appears. Step 3. Click “Get Started” in one of the locations
it appears on the screen. A “How to get started for Xbox Game Pass for
PC” screen appears. Step 4. Click “Download the App,” and then download
the Xbox Game Pass for PC installer on your computer. Launch the installer. The Xbox Installer appears on your screen. Step 5. Click to place a check mark in the box acknowledging
that you’ve read the Microsoft software license terms, and then click “Install.” A screen with a progress bar is displayed
while Xbox Game Pass for PC is being installed. When the installation is complete, a message
appears informing you that the installation is done and it’s time to play. Click “Let’s Go.” An Xbox logo appears on the screen for a period
of time before a window with a sign in prompt appears. Step 6. Click “Sign In” in the window. A sign in screen loads. A list of known Microsoft accounts will be
listed for you to choose to sign in with, or you can choose to sign in with a different
Microsoft account. In this example, I’ll choose to sign in with
an existing account and then click “Continue.” A screen appears displaying the Microsoft
gamertag and profile picture for the Xbox Live account associated with the Microsoft
account you logged in with. Step 7. Click “Let’s Play.” You’ll be taken to the Xbox Game Pass for
PC home screen. Step 8. To sign up for Xbox Game Pass for PC, click
the “Join Now” link on the screen if you see it. An Xbox Game Pass for PC sign up screen appears. If you don’t see the Join Now link, click
any of the games on the screen to open an information screen for that game, and then
click “Play with Game Pass.” You’ll arrive at the Xbox Game Pass for PC
sign up screen. Step 9. Click the drop-down arrow on the sign-up duration
field, and then choose how long you want to sign up for Xbox Game Pass for PC, and then
click “Get Xbox Game Pass for PC.” A window appears asking you to choose your
payment method, and explaining that your Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription will be renewed
every month. Click “Subscribe.” A message appears thanking you for your purchase. Click “Explore Games.” You’ll be returned to the Xbox Game Pass for
PC home screen, but now when you click on games, you’ll see the option to install them. You can access Xbox Game Pass for PC at any
time through the Windows start menu by launching the Xbox app. Thanks for watching. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments
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47 thoughts on “How to Install Xbox Game Pass on PC”

  1. I have an xbox at the moment but I'm switching to PC soon so won't have a lot of games I'm wondering I currently license transfer with my friend and he is paying for xbox game pass ultimate but through his account but because obviously I gameshare with him I have it too when I switch to PC will I have to sign in to his account to be aloud to use the game pass or will I be able to sign in to my main account and still play the games or will it not realise I am license transfering with him.

    Very long winded my bad.

  2. Thank you for this, Jesus all I wanted to do was play Gears 5, and I couldn't for the life of me understand what on earth to do.

    Appreciate this video. Straight to the point.

  3. I m having problem launching Forza 4 Ultimate Edition and I am already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC. Am I missing something here?

  4. I'm launching Xbox (BETA) Installer but it closes down after a few seconds. Can't install the app. Is there a solution? Maybe it works only in certain regions and countries?

  5. its making me update which is fine but now that I have updated I dont have sound on my pc I know this video is old but if u see this please help

  6. I cant pass the green screen with the xbox logo after the installation. I dont know why because there isnt show an error message. It stays on this screen and nothing happens. Do you know something similar to this case?

  7. havent tried in awhile but the last time i downloaded it, it literally bricked my gpu. anyone experience this? i want to use the service but my last experience was not great

  8. can someone help me plz im getting a error code 0x80070070 it says i dont have enough space on my C drive when i selected the game to install on the D drive help??

  9. I was able to get games from gamepass with my PC. But now when I try it asks me to join game pass . My subscription is still current and set on the PC so I really can't figure this issue out.

  10. Why do you talk like that? Not trying to be mean, honestly curious. Seems peculiar to me.
    Edit: also the video helped with my issue, thanks.

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