How to invest in gaming! [make money from video games on the stock market]

How to invest in gaming! [make money from video games on the stock market]

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  1. I record a lot of soundtracks for video games for a living 🙂  I have also had a system since 1983 and I was born in 81. (Thanks Dad for that Atari 800!)  This was a natural place for me to start investigating where I wanted to invest and finding this video has only confirmed it.  Thank you!

  2. any particular trading platforms you'd recommend for buying stock in videogame companies? im noob as


  3. So should I invest in Activision and Take-Two before they both release their games in October and how many shares should I buy?

  4. Do you think it's good to invest in Nintendo right now as their stock is down right now? At least for 6 months to a year

  5. How do I start to invest? Do I go to a certain website? For example you said you are investing into EA, how did you start? More like Where?

  6. I don't respect anyone who invest in video games to make money, because you don't care about the quality of the games, you want fast money, which cannot happen with quality video games.
    You are likely one of the EA investors that help ruin video games.

  7. So the smart thing to do is.. buy stocks in EA when prices are low then sell when the next FIFA comes out? is that how you make money?

  8. like now mobile game s more then 300% i see even some guy spend 300 usd / day on strategy game XD and most of their owner s china XD even they works with WB games etc but the owner s till china. even in MMO world if you compare between china game vs the other game china s till win .. BUT the problem s china dont let the other country touch their stock market but only china people

  9. Hey, which website shall I use to invest in games and/or gaming companies? I want to make a one off payment. Thankyou!

  10. Let me just correct one thing from the whiteboard:

    [Gaming Industry]

    * 100 bn $ revenue
    * 130 bn $ by 2030 [7% growth]

    Video game sales: 40% mobile
    30% Console
    30% PC (MASTER RACE)

    * E-sports, conventions, cosplay

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