How to make $228 PER HOUR Playing Poker!

How to make $228 PER HOUR Playing Poker!

We have made it to the
encore after an excellent meal at
Gallagher’s compliments of the Pantaleo
crew representing Toronto much
we’re gonna hop on the one three No
Limit game see what we can do with a
$100 stack I know what you’re saying
Boesky don’t buy in for singles I’m
gonna buy in for singles Boesky behind
for 500 you’re rich now this may be true
I’m new to cash games I’m gonna start
small and work my way up it’s all
discipline and we’re gonna stick to the
plan and see what happens I’m gonna
establish a win rate at different volume
levels at different venues to get a good
feel of how reasonably I can sustain a
living off of cash games in Las Vegas so
stay tuned this is going to be one hell
of a journey
with blinds at $1 $3 there’s a limber we
may get $12 with Queen 10 of Hearts and
get two callers Bob comes East Jack
deuce two spades there’s a bed of 15 and
a call of 15 we could jam but I don’t
think they’re gonna fold so we lay it
down and we now have $88 with blinds at
$1 $3 under the gun limps out of the gun
plus-one limps we’re next to act under
the gun plus two with ace-queen offsuit
raise it up to $20 a stack of low
society if you will
action folds to the under the gun player
who calls and under the gun plus one
calls three ways to a fly
while up comes East five deuce two clubs
action checks to us I bet $20 setting up
a turn jam under the gun
check raises to 40 what’s she rabbit
pocket deuces pocket fives under the gun
plus one calls the 40-some cause for
concern but with our relative short
stack I think we’re gonna have to go
with this the good thing is my jam will
reopen the action hopefully I can
isolate against a flush draw or worse
ace yjm for $68 under the gun looks
disgusted and folds and under the gun
plus one folds tournament locals
watching the hand develop from behind me
and he starts laughing hysterically
and we now have $200 coming back he’s
coming back I got the license yeah I
have to like go with blinds at $1 $3
under the gun makes it 15 there’s two
calls I’m in the small blind with East
King of clubs and $200 I make it 80 to
go everybody folds and we pick up 50
bucks things are going well
very few hands in the 1/3 No Limit game
and then they announced there’s open
seats in the 1 to 5 pot limit Omaha game
which I completely forgot about so I’m
gonna take this opportunity to hop it
and see what happens so it’ll change a
pace never hurt anybody sit down and
were four handed and the fine floor at
the Wynn / encore inform us that there’s
no rake if we want to play four handed I
know some people think that more rake is
better overall for the game it’s
actually better because pros aren’t
playing I disagree so let’s play
all three guys are pretty cool were
chatting it up one of them is a viewer
of the vlog attorney from New York I
went a few small pots I make the nut
straight on the turn ray he’s gonna call
rivers a brick but eighty bucks get a
call get paid off when a few more pots
all of a sudden we’re up to five hundred
eventually the main PLO game breaks and
we’re forced to move
I don’t like 9 handed and I don’t like
break so we call it a session
we end up cashing out 555 dollars from
our $100 investment net profit of 450
five which gives us an hourly of two
27.5 almost two hundred and twenty-eight
my hourly is consistent upon two hours
at the Encore now it’s time to go home
and see the dogs make sure the like and
subscribe button cash game journey is
starting off very nicely and I’m out
use code Boesky AP P for $80 off the
apprentice course or boesky exp for $150
off the expert course sign up today

100 thoughts on “How to make $228 PER HOUR Playing Poker!”

  1. That AQ hand- al I can say is welcome to 1/3 cash lol. Just be careful, those bad, inexplicable plays can go sideways against you in some very tilting directions.

  2. $200+/hour at LL NLHE. As Adam Carolla would say, “perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.” $228 x 25 hours/week x 52 weeks = $296,400 (pretax) per year.

  3. Boski on a HEATER! I'm sads tho cuz I liked watching you punt in tournies but happy the Grand Simulator has no longer got you by the nads.

  4. Jeff you need to embrace the comedic element of these videos more. You are a funny mf'er. "Cold Start 8/10" That was hella random and quite funny.

  5. Im movin to vegas in 3weeks pursuing my pro poker player dream. Met you at wsop was in ur vlog. Maybe we can play some poker some time got to surrond my self with people better than me so I can become a better person;)

  6. Man I might have to get a 4K TV to enjoy the content…love the lady at 3:14 scratching her ass right behind Boski…clearly she doesn't give a damn about the vlog…love the Daniel burn as well

  7. Dogs did not seem that excited to see you. Perhaps you should have told them you won enough money to buy them a steak each!

  8. Got me to Subscribe with the 90's rap music your a 90's kid Boski play more of it and the comedy 5 Stacks of low Society congrats on the cash game success

  9. I am liking this play and I am liking the results. Good job brother! Keep sending them to the showers and stacking those towers! 👍

  10. You’d have to play a ton of sessions to get a win rate at different buyins and at different casinos! I’d stick to one buy in level, probably the max buy in, and try to get a win rate at different properties first, even that you would need a huge sample size, just a thought. Best of luck at the tables.

  11. For a limited time, my cash game coaching 1 on 1 Grandmaster class is only $149/hour. ACT FAST! All coaching is done over the phone. Pre pay your session via PayPal.

  12. Keep making videos because they are good–I watch yours as soon as they are released… Ever think about Patreon???? I've sent Trooper $5 / month for the last 2 years because he is the O.G.

  13. Was an absolute pleasure meeting/playing with u at the 1/2-5 PLO game. if I’m ever back out in Vegas, I’ll send u a message to see about a meet up game. Good luck on the cash game scene!

  14. Happy to see you finally getting the results you deserve and haven't had as of late! I have my girlfriend watching your vlogs as well and without mentioning to her that your looking to pursure another adventure, she said "he would be great on TV commentating"…. keep it going Boski!

  15. As a man of great musical taste I'm sure you are already aware…but Victory is the god damn most hype song ever! BIG and I go way back

  16. I personally will never say don't buy in for singles. Come play at the uncapped Nugget and buy in for 10 racks of blue with me and I'll buy you a steak dinner after! #teamcolordown

  17. Looks like you are enjoying it. Maybe going to cash games is exactly what you need and keep you interested in poker. Tournament poker can be so damn boring and so unfulfilling sometimes. Hoping you continue to kill it in cash games.

  18. Did you buy a new car, or is that a rental? LOL. Looks like a trip away from the states treated jujuju well. Vegas seems to have welcomed you back nicely. With your own new and fresh mindset on cash game, making different decisions leads to different results. If previous decisions led to losses, the counter has a stronger likelihood in result. Stay cash buddy.

  19. Awesome Jeff vlogging cash game. Dont forget that was my idea when you were contemplating quitting vlogging and poker, and i suggested a one year try at cash games. You owe me a $100 steak dinner if all goes well. Best of luck brother!!!!!!

  20. may wanna rethink a $12 open after 2 limps with $100 stak with QT. Yes I know "it wiz suited" but in my limited Vegas $1/3 experience you often get EP limp, callers with worst possible hands for your QT; ie QJ, KQ, AT etc. Also IMO with a $100 stak you do not have enough implied odds or fold equity when you sometimes flop a big hand or draw. When you get the likely one or two callers it's a pretty ugly SPR for QT whether you flop top pair, second pair, a draw or air which is prolly around 90%+ of all flops. Like the girl who puts on a few extra pounds, just ditch it and wait for a better one.

  21. Check raise fold…hilarious. I had a guy do that once, o shipped a flush draw and he folded, I showed my hand and said "yall stop trying to outplay me" he turned red as a beet and said "I wasn't trying to outplay you". LOL. Then wtf are you doing?

  22. As a former Jr. World Champion, you can crush at cash. Review the landscape, look at the competition and stay focused. Good game discipline tonight.

  23. Really thought you would be good at cash esp PLO. Seems like tournament skills to cash would translate better than the other way around. Good luck Boski! You deserve some.

  24. Wait…are those amounts accurate? You're all in for $68 aka $28 more and they both fold after having put in $40?! Bananas

  25. Thanks for the ticket! Any chance we can get close-ups of the restaurant menu/prices and some foot massage updates?

  26. Cash Games!!! We Love Cash Games, and Mario Cart on the way in!!! #BagzNTagzNStacksofLowSociety 😎♠🇺🇸♦💯♣🇺🇸❤

  27. Now were talking Jeff you have the skills to make some good money playing cash to supplement future tournaments look forward to seeing you make lots of bones for you and the pups Frank

  28. I like the format of the vlog whether tournament or cash game it's different and I enjoy it. I would suggest a little narrative of the cuisine you eat though

  29. Jeff, you are truly a modern day poker hero! Offering 1 on 1 coaching at 2/3 of your established hourly win rate is the bargain of the century

  30. I understand wanting to buy in short given that you're somewhat new to cash games……..But for the love of all that's Holy, please don't buy in for all $1 chips. That's the absolute nut-low in a NL cash game, and it's a giant headache for the players and dealers as well. Get 10-20 singles, and buy the rest in red birds.

  31. Just saw your "Best Of" video.. Wanted to comment, but figured I had a better chance of you seeing a comment on a more recent video.
    I like you poker content and style, but I think you have a diamond in the rough your food reviews. The last 3 times I've been to Vegas, I use your videos to choose all the restaurants I got to during my stay. You're editing on the food segments is really good. Even your review on other "things to do i Vegas" are great: strip clubs, massage parlors, etc.
    I sometimes pick a poker room with the best food, when I know I'm going to eat while playing. Even reviewing poker table side food would be interesting.
    It might even be worthy of a second channel (if its not too much of a pain in the ass). "A Poker Players Guide to the best food and things to do when you're in Vegas".
    There's a ton of food review channels with 1 mil plus subs, and you're WAY better than any of them.
    Just a thought from a fan. Keep up the good work.

  32. does adsense really make you enough money to play a $5000 buyin in costa rica? because it doesnt seem like poker makes you that kind of money so im just confused

  33. Daniel gets a bad rap. More rake is better. The pros quit cause they cant make $. That leaves the fish to lose to each other…no one wins but the casino. Free enterprize capitalism wins. That what made America great. More rake will make Smerica great again! 👌

  34. I don't think you can reasonably make a living off poker without an outside source of income (such as sponsorships/endorsements/a job/etc). You can grow a poker bankroll but withdrawing from it for non-poker reasons isn't sustainable long term.
    How come you didn't play the 2-2-8-8? Seems like a hand you wouldn't mind limping with in a 4-handed PLO game.

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