How to Make: Baldi Cosplay (Baldi’s Basics)

How to Make: Baldi Cosplay (Baldi’s Basics)

(Baldi slapping his ruler on his hand)
– Hello everybody, my name is Tommy.
I’m a mask and puppet maker.
And in this video, I’m gonna show you
how you can become Baldi.
I’m gonna show you how to make the mask.
We’re gonna make the ruler.
And how to dress up just like Baldi.
(Baldi slapping his ruler on his hand)
Oh bad!
– Welcome to Tommy’s Puppet Lab!
– Enjoy the show!
– For this tutorial, you
will need a head base.
If you do not have a head
base, click on the link
in the description below to learn
how to make a simple head base.
Before we get started with this tutorial,
I just want to cover some safety.
Knives and scissors are
very sharp and pointy.
So please get an adult to help you.
Always cut away from yourself,
never towards yourself.
And that includes your fingers.
When using hot glue, always wear gloves
to protect yourself from burns.
Never touch the tip.
So please be very careful with this,
and I highly recommend adult supervision.
Alright, let’s start.
Okay, so you’ve got your head base.
You’ll need that.
We’re gonna start by making Baldi’s nose.
Turn crunched newspaper into
the shape of a tear drop.
(upbeat electronica)
You should have something
that looks like this.
And I am going to use a hot glue gun.
You can use masking tape if you want.
That’s perfectly fine if you
want to use masking tape.
But I’m going to use hot
glue ’cause it’ll be easier.
We’re just gonna glue it right there.
Right in the center of the mask.
For the eyes, I’m going to
use a large styrofoam ball.
We’re gonna cut in half and we’re gonna
place it on each side of the nose.
I’m actually going to probably
trim the nose a little bit.
But yeah, I’m just gonna glue it and
I’m gonna wait till I cover it up first.
So be very careful when you’re
cutting styrofoam balls.
Especially when you have
the knife out this far.
(upbeat electronica)
Once it’s cut.
And there you go.
So we’re just gonna glue that
to each side of the mask.
So, when you’re gluing styrofoam,
put some hot glue on the surface
where you’re going to glue it first.
And let it cool down for about 10 seconds.
And then you attach it.
Otherwise, you’re going
to melt the styrofoam.
So, that should be good.
It’s already starting to look like him.
Next thing we’re gonna need,
we’re gonna need the eyebrows.
He has very, very thin eyebrows.
So now I’m gonna cut
myself some eye brows.
They need to be long and fairly skinny.
Like that.
You can make it a little
skinnier if you want,
but I think this’ll do just fine.
You’re gonna cut yourself another one.
Okay, so now we have two eyebrows.
And we’re gonna glue them.
We’re not going to glue them flat.
I’m actually just going to glue them…
(upbeat electronica)
Like this.
(upbeat electronica)
Yeah, so I’m gonna kind of make him angry.
Alright, so those are the eyebrows.
We only need two more things.
The hair, which is only
going to take a second
And the mouth.
And we’re ready to
cover it in paper mache.
And then we’re going to paint it.
That’s how easy it is.
All right.
So you want to cut out a piece like this.
Just another skinny piece.
And we’re going to glue
it right about there.
‘Cause he’s obviously bald.
So he doesn’t have much hair.
And there we go.
That’s the hair.
Very easy, isn’t it?
Easy enough.
And now, we need the mouth.
So, you can give him any
kind of expression you want.
You can give him a happy expression.
Or you can give him the angry one.
So I’m going to be making
him an angry smile.
So you just need to cut out.
I’m going to use cardboard.
So, we’re going to cut it out
into the shape of a macaroni.
And that’s about it for the newspaper.
If you want to give him, you know,
just a straight, blank
expression, you can.
All you need to do, you just need
to cut out something like this.
Kind of like the shape
of a rice grain I guess.
So like that.
Probably need to make
it a little bit longer.
But I’m going with this ’cause he’s angry.
(upbeat electronica)
So I’m just going to
glue that right there.
(upbeat electronica)
All right.
I’m just gonna throw
everything on the floor here.
Ha ha ha.
Yeah, that’s really
starting to look like Baldi.
Okay, so now it is time to
start adding paper mache.
So, I’m going to show you how
to make the glue solution.
You will need white glue,
and you’re going to need some water.
You’ll also need a container
and a large paint brush.
Whatever size works for you.
Okay, so, you need to mix
one part water and one part white glue.
So what I mean by that
is, if you’re going to use
one cup of water, you will
add one cup of white glue.
Two cups of water, two cups of white glue.
That’s what one part water
and one part glue means.
So I’m gonna do that right now.
So, I’ve got this little
measuring cup here.
So, we’re going to start off
by adding one part water.
So we’re gonna pour
that into the container.
And now we need to add
one cup of white glue.
I’m going to do that.
(upbeat electronica)
And you just pour it into your water.
And use a small paintbrush
to get the glue off.
Now, you’re going to mix your solution.
You’re going to keep mixing it
until it is one smooth solution.
(upbeat electronica)
Okay, so that should be good enough.
So now we have our mixture.
Alright, so I’m gonna show
you how to use this glue.
Now that you have your glue mixture.
So, you’re gonna take your glue
and you’re going to brush
on the surface area.
So you’re gonna take some
tissue paper or toilet paper.
I use toilet paper ’cause it’s cheap
and it actually works really good.
Use a strong brand.
(upbeat electronica)
Alright, now you’re going
to cover up the surface area
and you’re going to brush
glue on top of the tissue,
like I am right now.
So I’m just covering up the nose.
So you’re gonna take some
tissue and put tissue on top.
And you’re gonna brush even
more glue on top of it.
You’re gonna cover this completely
until you have at least
three or four layers.
And that’s all you gotta do.
So, let’s do it.
(upbeat electronica)
Now for the lips, I’m
just going to go ahead
and show you what to do here.
(upbeat electronica)
Just cover the surface area.
(upbeat electronica)
Now, I’m just gonna roll
some tissue paper like this
Now, for the upper lips, we’re just gonna
wrap it around the top, like that.
Gonna need a little bit more.
Like that.
So those will be the upper lips.
And now for the bottom lips.
We’re just gonna wrap it
around the bottom here.
Try to make it a little
skinnier than the top.
Like that.
See, now that actually looks like a mouth.
And now it doesn’t look
like a mustache anymore.
See, now this is really
starting to look like Baldi.
I do need to fix the nose
though, but I’m going to do that.
So don’t worry about that.
We can do that when the glue is dry,
but this is really
starting to look like him.
Now I’m just gonna cover it completely.
(upbeat electronica)
There you go.
That’s all there is to it.
So we’re just gonna let that
dry and I’m gonna smooth out–
I’m gonna fix the nose so that
it actually has a better flow.
But other than that, that’s
about all I need to fix.
So that took me a total of
36 minutes to make this mask.
Then of course, you’ve got to paint it.
But I’m gonna let this dry.
I’m gonna smooth that out
and I will be right back.
I can’t wait to finish him.
Okay everybody, time to
start painting Baldi.
So we’re gonna need some white
and we’re gonna mix it with
just a little bit of orange
to get his skin color.
We’ll need just a little bit of brown
and we’re gonna need
some red for the mouth.
And we’ll need some black.
These should be the only colors
that you will need for this project.
Alright, so let’s begin.
(upbeat electronica)
And there you go, you
now have a Baldi mask.
However, there’s still one problem.
We cannot see out of this mask.
So what you need to do, is
you need to put on the mask
and you need to look exactly
where your eyes are facing.
I’ve put mine on already and
my eyes are facing this way.
So you’re gonna need some mesh tape.
You can find this in a dry wall section.
This costs me about four bucks, okay?
It’s not expensive.
So this is what we’re going to be using
so that we can actually
see out of the mask.
So, my field of vision is right here.
So I’m going to cut this out
and I’m gonna put this on.
And I’m gonna paint over it.
(upbeat electronica)
So that’s what I just did there.
And on the inside it
should be mostly newspaper
if you used the balloon head base.
So I’m just gonna tear that away.
And I’m just gonna make this–
You want to be able to
see out of this mask.
I don’t want you to hurt yourself,
and if you can’t see,
you’re gonna hurt yourself.
So please be careful.
Alright, I’m gonna try this on
and just make sure I can see out of it.
You probably see Mama
Tattletail right now.
So let’s put on the mask and try it on.
Yep! I can see!
All right, so I can see
out of the mask now.
This is where we’re gonna be looking.
We won’t actually be
looking out of Baldi’s…
You won’t be looking through Baldi’s eyes.
He’s got pretty big…
Yeah, he’s pretty creepy.
So what you want to do is,
you want to take your screen tape.
You can use some fabric,
some very thin fabric.
But I want to paint this.
I don’t want this to be noticeable.
So, I’m gonna be using this mesh tape
and we can actually paint over this.
So, where is the end to the tape?
Okay, so we got some screen tape here.
We don’t need a whole lot.
But what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to tape this on
the inside over the hole.
If it does not stay on, you might
want to use a hot glue gun for this.
But this is tape and you’re
taping it right on to newspaper,
so, there should be no reason
why it’s not going to stick.
Yep, I can still see.
I can still see out of it.
Now what I’m going to do is
I’m going to paint over it.
You want to be careful that you don’t
cover up any holes while you paint.
Then it will be hard to see.
There, he looks better already.
You really do want to be able to see.
Okay, so what you do…
Notice how some of the holes are plugged?
Just blow on it. (loud blowing)
And that’ll clear it right up.
And that is how you see out of this mask.
Okay, and make sure you take
the mask off before you cut.
You don’t want to cut while
you are wearing the mask.
That’s too dangerous.
Take the mask off, cut your hole,
and then put the tape over it.
And then paint it the same
color you painted Baldi’s head.
So Baldi’s head is all ready to go.
So now, we need to make his meter stick.
This is craft board.
It’s got foam in between and
so basically, it’s paper
with foam in the middle.
This is safe and it’s
actually quite sturdy.
So you’re gonna take a
ruler or something straight
and we’re gonna draw a
straight line using a marker.
I’m using a level because it’s straight
and it’s even got markings on it.
So yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do.
I’m actually gonna make two of ’em
and I’m gonna glue ’em together
so that it’s extra sturdy.
And now we’re going to cut these two out.
Just remember to cut away from yourself.
I say this all the time but
it really does save you.
(upbeat electronica)
So now Baldi has his meter stick.
This is actually not bad.
You can probably just
get away with using one.
But it’s a little bit flexible
so I want to make it sturdy.
Take a little bit of glue
and we’re just gonna glue it together.
Do the same thing to the other piece.
And now we’re just
gonna glue ’em together.
You’re gonna let that sit.
Okay, so while you’re
letting the glue dry,
you’ll notice that this is
kind of warped right now.
So put some kind of weight in the middle
and when it dries, it will dry flat.
That’s what you want.
So once it is dry, I want to paint it.
So I’m actually gonna paint it.
Yellow, mixed just a
little bit of brown in it
just to make it look like a wooden color.
(upbeat electronica)
Okay, so all that’s left to do is
to draw the lines on the ruler.
Now I’m gonna draw a line
for every inch on this ruler.
So one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven.
However long you want to make it.
Just make the lines for every inch.
(upbeat electronica)
You can write numbers
on here if you want to.
I’m not going to because I have
a really good ruler right here.
And this is just a prop.
Okay, so this is actually 24 inches long.
So it’s not even a meter
or even close to a yard.
So, a meter has 39.4 inches on it.
So, yeah, we can’t really
call this a meter stick,
but we’ll just call this a ruler, okay?
So the next thing you want to do
is you want to dress like Baldi.
So what I used here
for the pants, I actually
just wore some blue jeans.
Make sure they’re nice and blue.
‘Cause he wears blue pants.
You can wear blue sweatpants if you want.
I want to wear blue jeans
’cause I don’t like wearing sweatpants.
And, you are also going
to need a green shirt.
So this is a green shirt.
This is what he wears.
I know Baldi does not have a pocket
or he doesn’t have buttons on it
like this one does.
But you know what?
He’s the teacher, okay?
So I’m gonna allow that.
So just make sure you
get a long sleeve shirt
’cause he wears long sleeves.
If you cannot find a long sleeved
green shirt like I have here,
get a white one and you will
want to get some green fabric dye.
You’re going to dye the white shirt green.
Please get an adult to
help you with dying fabrics
because you are working
with very powerful dye.
You do not want to stain your hands
or your mother’s walls and the floor.
She will become even more
scarier than Baldi if you do.
So please, get an adult
to help you with that.
That’s all there is to it.
So let’s put everything on.
So yeah, this is the shirt that I wear.
So make sure that it’s
a bright green color.
And you can wear blue pants.
I’m pretty sure a lot
of you have blue pants.
(ruler slapping)
And just like that, you
now can become Baldi.
Have fun and don’t actually
hurt anybody, okay?
Just have some fun, alright?
(Baldi slapping his ruler on his hand)
What is wrong with you?
(Baldi slapping his ruler on his hand)
Gotta go, thanks for watching!
See you next time! Bye!
Take one hand and put
these two fingers together.
Put your pinkie on top and
grab your pinkie with your index finger,
and you just made
yourself a puppet friend!
(upbeat electronica)

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