How to make money in GTA 5 (Stock Market Guide)

How to make money in GTA 5 (Stock Market Guide)

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  1. If anyone wants to do this in 2019 here is how you do the third way investment: When you complete the final mission immediately invest into merryweather across all 3 characters and start sleeping with trevor. Every time your value goes up, make a save file so if it goes down you can load that save file and try again. That way i got my investment to 200% and maxed my money before the construction ass.Good luck!

  2. Here's a great way to make a stupid amount of money in gta 5. Finish the game the last level you melt down some gold bars and end up with 2-5 mil. You're welcome.

  3. In conclusion, I screwed up after the Jewel Store heist by investing high instead of low. I guess that makes sense though, it’s similar to the bank where you a little in and interest as well as further direct deposits allow it to grow as it’s there.

  4. The assassination missions and stock incomes didn't do shit. Still haven't got enough to buy all properties.

  5. Basically do something that ruins one company and put ur money on the rival company. Ex: redwood and (DEB).

  6. The redwood stocks doesn't go up… I even reloaded de save game but still…

    Edit: nvm it went up by 295%

  7. me:invensts 1 mil in a market
    later: the market has 1.5 mil
    me:sleeps more for more money
    next day: back to 1 mil

  8. Buy Merryweather stocks before you get the email. Buy them with T & F first, then switch to Michael and quickly buy the stocks and immediately switch back to Trevor, then do the sleep saving process. If you get the email the Merryweather stock will go back up and you will struggle to make a return on it.

  9. i just did mistakes before watching this… now i start this thing with assassinations again.

    i lost my save just after ending C, but i have still after the big score
    edit wait a second… oh god i have a better save, it is exactly before i started the second assassination

  10. I'm stuck on the redwood investment (multi target assassination), I save the game six times using trevor to advance time, then I reloaded the savegame and saved again. I did that 2 times and it didn't work so I skipped it.


  12. I play on xbox 360 in the hotel assassination in the bettaPharmaceuticals it workt but for trevor in bilkinton it din’t work

  13. So , what stops me from investing in Debonaire with all 3 characters and just getting 80 million in return like I just did ?

  14. I cannot get the same Percentage Return like you For Merryweather and i had to save around 3 or 4 weeks because of that and still cant get the 70% Profit so i had to get around 37% percentage this is never gonna work

  15. The graph is total BS. I had invested in some stock for like a week that went up maybe $2 while the graph showed it jumping like $10-$15.

  16. GTA 4: very easy to earn lots of money nothing to spend on
    GTA 5: have large number of things to buy bit very hard to earn money

  17. After several trials and errors, after I reloaded my game by the fifth or sixth time, I was so happy to see my Redwood stocks to be at 355.68! Totally worth the wait! 🥳😇

    Edit: I finished all the assassination missions and the hitch lift random event and I got over $1.4 billion with Michael and $1.2 billion for Franklin and Trevor! So happy! 🤩🤑

  18. The worst thing about this is when you switch to Trevor he’s either have the cops on him or he’s on a high building.

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