How to Make WALL-E  Robot from Cardboard

How to Make WALL-E Robot from Cardboard

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100 thoughts on “How to Make WALL-E Robot from Cardboard”

  1. U shit wall-e is not from "Star Wars" It's from movie "wall-E"
    Kinda… Wall-E is technologically not possible in star wars, only like… "very old robot" more like eve (other robot from wall-E) can be in star wars as use-able robot

    I know my filozofy is piece of shit (grammar too)

  2. Guys any one know what is it on 1:24… is it a straw??? Can u please answer fast cuz I have to make a Science project

  3. Hello, how could you tell me what electronic material they used to do the same project that you put together, thank you in advance.

  4. Hi, This is so amazing!!! I would really like to make this with my students. Any chance you can provide a list of the materials and measurements you used?

  5. It's nice and I would really want to make this. Could you PLEASE list down the materials that you used for this project??

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