How To Master In & Out and “SWIM” Basketball Moves

How To Master In & Out and “SWIM” Basketball Moves

– Hey, what’s up y’all?
Coach Rock here, the official trainer
for I Love Basketball TV.
I have a treat for you all today.
I want to introduce you to one of our
brand new trainers here.
He’s great: Coach Bryce Woodliff.
He’s going to be helping
you with your handles,
helping you score more
points, great trainer,
up and coming, he has
a lot of great content
that he’s going to share
with you that’s going to help
you become a better player.
So without further ado,
let’s get straight into it.
– Alright, so now I’m
going to talk to you about
the in-and-out behind the back.
But first I want to touch on
just the basic in-and-out.
Some people don’t realize that
when you do an in-and-out,
it’s not about how you
really settle with your face,
but it’s about your exaggeration
step to get them to think
that you’re going that way so
you can come back this way.
So what I do to practice
this, I use a basic line.
If you’ve got cones you can use cones.
But having a basic line
is more convenient,
it’s always there.
This is how you do it:
you practice it here.
You just sit here, and
what you’ll do is just a
step over the line, and come back.
So it’s a step, here.
Exaggeration, here.
Make sure you get that ball
across the line as well
so you can bring it back to
the other side of the line.
But when you do this, I want
you to practice on getting
that step to where you
step here, come back here.
Fake ’em out, make them think
that you’re going that way.
So this is what it’ll look like.
(ball bounces)
So as you see, I’m just pounding it hard,
pounding the ball real
hard, and I’m exaggerating
this way to get them to bite
so I can come back to my left.
So with this there’s a lot of
counter-moves that you can do.
But the one I want to touch
on today is just the one
transition that you can use.
I see a lot of pro players
using it, even college players,
high school players can
use it, too, and even kids
can use it, too.
12 to 14 I would prefer
this to be a move that you
would do nothing anyone else,
because it’s really advanced.
So what you’ll do is you’ll
come down, same principle,
come down, in-and-out, get
the ball across, but then
once you get that ball back
over here, it’s just a step
behind the back.
So when you do it, I’ll do it in slow mo,
you come, I step, behind the back.
That’ll give you the ability
to get that defender to shift,
because if he’s on you, you
can then get him to come
this way after you do
your behind the back,
because he’s trying to
bite that in-and-out.
The big thing that I want
to stress, too, is when you
do your in-and-out, I stressed
on the exaggeration step
getting the ball across, but
also with the behind the back,
you don’t want to do an
in-and-out behind the back
and be stuck in the same spot.
Cause the coaches will
tell you all the time,
don’t go east to west, go north to south.
So when you’re doing a move,
especially a move like this,
you’re looking to do it quick
so you can get the defender
off guard, and then quick
behind the back, but you’re
looking to go straight to the basket.
So you want to do it as if
you’re, it’s like transition,
but it can also, like I say,
you can do it in a half-court
offense as well when you’re
trying to make a move.
So what you’ll do is you’ll
come here, in-and-out, step,
behind the back, and I’m
looking to go straight
to the basket.
I’m not looking to sit down on it.
I could sit down on it if
I wanted to, but that’s if
you’re doing a quicker move
like if you’re coming here,
in-and-out, behind the back,
and then you step it over
to try to get a three or something.
But 9 times out of ten,
you’ll want to really focus on
in-and-out here, and transition,
get that foot across,
look to go straight to the basket.
(ball bouncing, heavy breathing)
Alright, and you can do
this a number of times,
do it on both sides.
So I’ll do it on this side,
too, just so you can see it.
(energetic music)
So basically what it is
is just a shift move,
a quick transition move that can just get
your defender to shift.
Alright, so we already did the in-and-out,
so now I want to talk to
you about another move
that I feel like is real good transition,
but it’s also good in
half-court offense as well.
It’s almost like the
in-and-out, but instead of doing
the in-and-out, you really
coming here, you’re planting
your foot here, and then
you’re pushing through here
with like a swim, we’re
calling it a swim move,
like a swim movement with the ball.
So when you come down the
court you want to work on
really, like I say exaggerating,
so you want to take
that foot and step, and when
you step, you want to act
like you’re going here, and
then quick push it through
get over there to the free
throw line, get a shot.
Or you can take it in and
get a, it’s a lot of options.
You can get a layup as well.
So what it look like is you come here,
step, get through, float.
(energetic music)
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    Just wanna let everyone know that if you are determined and work as hard as you can CONSISTENTLY that you will get good. I have improved so much in only this one week of christmas break it's not even funny. All that because of the ILB Team who basically taught me how to train efficiently on my own.
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