How to Play 3DS Games on PC! Citra Emulator Setup! 3DS Emulator working!

How to Play 3DS Games on PC! Citra Emulator Setup! 3DS Emulator working!

Hey Guys My name is Scoby today I’m gonna be Showing you how to play 3Ds games on your PC
We’re going to be doing this with an emulator called Citra
Now, Citra Is still currently in the development so not all games are going to Work
But some of them will work, some of them will kind of work and some of them just blatantly won’t work
so you’re Going to need a couple things to do this
first Thing we’re going to need is the actual emulator itself
I’m gonna leave a download link in the description down below
and we’re Just gonna want to download the latest version currently it’s on a 83 bleeding edge
and I would Just download the latest version because it’s going to be the most up-to-date version
Newer versions may break some things the older version right it’s just a matter of
Playing around with this like I said it’s still early days for this emulator so it’s just a bit of trial and error
Simply click download and run and click
Download on this and your download will start I already have it downloaded so I’m just going to click cancel
Once you have your download downloaded you want to move it to location where you can find it easily
I currently have it on my desktop and you simply want To run the emulator
it’s very easy to do it might give you some something about this blah blah blah, whatever
click ok and your Emulator will launch
From here you’re going to need an actual rom which we already have on my desktop right now which
is a .3Ds file
Now you’re going to need a decrypted file a quick google search will help you out with this
And this is going to, be a file that’s going to be set up already for an emulator
so that means it’s going to be in a .3Ds format and I think normally if it’s not decrypted and ready for emulation it’s
In .cia, or some other variants of that
but you’re mainly looking for a .3DS format currently
Now, if you want to know what games are currently compatible we have a somewhat structured list here?
Which I will also leave a link in the dsescription
It’ll show some of the games and you can rate them by their compatibility
Some games on here that say they don’t work
Or have like no ratings do work
and some of them that are on here will say, they will work but might cause some Issues
But regardless, these are these are roughly some of the things you will need to know before jumping Into the emulator
I will leave other Information that I find down below
There are other builds of the emulator that will offer some advantages and That will play games that others can’t
It’s a matter of doing some Research but this Is Just a basic get started guide with, just the basic standard emulator
enough talking
once you have your emulator open you simply want to locate your .3Ds file so you Can click file, load file
and Wherever your .3Ds
File is located currently mine’s on my desktop
you want to open It and your game will start to run now you
may notice a lot of text and stuff going on in the background
Be patient
Depending on your PC and Depending on your Hardware it May Take longer for the game to run but as you can see it Is
running right now
Like i said I didn’t mention this before
This game can, be quite heavy on your PC
You will need a somewhat decent PC
You will need up-to-sate drivers
You’ll probably need a Dedicated GPU and some other things
as this Is still in development it’s going to be obviously more intensive than It will be when it’s fully sorted out
but it does work as you can see
now your Mouse will Work as a pointer
Which you Can Click on and use it as a touchpad
Which is quite cool and
I click it a press to start and
and you can select whatever you want to click so I’m just gonna load up this and click start
And it works Just like that now don’t worry about what’s going on in the background that’s just gonna happen regardless
So that’s how you set Up A
3DS emulator I will leave anything else in the description down below
if there’s any trouble you guys have let me know
Like i said this is still in early development and I was kind of questioning making a tutorial on this and I still
Questioning myself now I will make an updated
One once it’s everything is fully sorted out I didn’t want to make a really long one this just to get things sorted
Some games will work some games will give some difficulty but it is currently
To a stage where I felt comfortable making a tutorial without having to give you thousands of links to work
This does work and this just proves that this is the legend of Zelda and it’s an awesome awesome game and it’s currently a nice
Emulator but still needs work I’m not gonna lie about that
Anyway guys hopefully you enjoyed this
sorry if some games don’t work for you I’ll help in any way i can with the comments down below
Like i said they’re constantly updating this every few days
so maybe the latest Version will help you out
Quick google search will help you find roms and stuff I’m not going to be given any links Here
But any way guys if you enjoyed this be sure to drop a like
Subscribe if you’re new check out my other
Tutorials I have some other emulators and I have some other stuff to help you out some software
You guys thank you so much for watching on until next time as always keep it saucy

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  1. For anyone wondering if this work. Yes it does work. Watch the entire video before attempting anything so you don't come back and say "it's not working for me" just watch the entire video once or twice first before even downloading anything.

  2. guys but how do you connect your nintendo file (ie your nintendo backups) with the computer game (in this case ultramoon)

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