How to play any PC game FULLSCREEN! (forced resolution)

hey what’s up there are sometimes cool
games that you find that for some reason limit you to a certain resolution you
cannot resize the window you cannot press the maximize icon you
cannot press alt enter it does nothing in this case sometimes a for full
screens this time it doesn’t and if I move on my mouse out here I just can’t
it oh no now it grabbed my mouse somehow all right so the maker of this game went
through some steps to prevent resizing but we can do without permission
all right so if you open the registry editor with Windows key R and then type
in reg edit and then yes then you might be able to find the game in computer HK
current user software the publisher of a game in this case dear ego games and
then the name of a game this is for unity engine so might not work with
everything alright let’s see if we can just switch this to full screen we set
this one to one yep it’s for
a bad resolution it is actually fullscreen but OBS is not recording it
properly probably because it changed resolution so let’s also change your
resolution let’s set 0 80 oh yeah mrs. decimal let’s make this
decimal and would wait this is already weird do this just change this is still
still 1 right let’s try again okay so this time it worked that’s nice so this
is one way to do it but let’s get out of a game and now let’s find a way if there
is no registry editor or you can’t find the setting or it’s not a unity game or
unity changes behavior or a developer finds a way to circumvent this alright
so I’ll just check I reset the resolution by deleting the registry
entry alright so a solution for this if you can’t access registry or it doesn’t
work using registry to use this open source tool borderless in gaming let’s
just download it course the link is in description the thing is you have to
have administrator rights on the computer where you install it it works
for Windows only and yeah you can get it for free as in anything let’s just
install it I already have it but an older version so let’s update it and
known well yeah sure why not let’s let’s do it
as a shortcut and let’s just start it as well and we have to have admin rights
again to start a team alright so here it is with a list of all the applications
let’s just move us to a side and start the game and here it is and if we move
Sky’s crusher using this button to the right a also it’s called sis crusher my
bad okay here this back and move and now we wait there we go
now this has a weird side effect let’s just check how it looks okay so in this case the user interface
is all centered and I don’t know if this is a game bug but if I walk here I just
fall through the floor yeah and this red splash also so you might have some
problem this death screen so you might have all kinds of issues if you do that
so your mileage may vary it can we get in here no I don’t think so anyways
still it’s full screen and that’s what we wanted so hope this helps remember
all you need is borderless gaming and remember to subscribe I will see you
next time and until then ciao

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