How to Play Baccarat – A Casino Guide – CasinoTop10

How to Play Baccarat – A Casino Guide – CasinoTop10

Baccarat can be confusing at first
but it’s actually one of the simplest
games in the casino
it’s also one of the best games for
beginner players because there are no
advanced strategies
and the house edge is smaller than most
other casino games
every hand of baccarat begins with the
dealer dealing two
two card hands. One is known as the player
hand and the other is called the banker
at the beginning at the hand players
wager on which hand will win
or whether they’ll tie.The winner is
determined by which hand ends up with
the total value
closest to 9. In baccarat aces have a value
of 1
number cards 2 through 9 count at face
and 10s, Jacks, queens and kings are all worth zero
all final totals are between 0 and nine
once the total reaches 10 or above you
must subtract 10
so two sevens for example totals 14 which
becomes a four
Baccarat is such a simple game
because the dealer does all the work
players only have to decide which hand to
bet on. Unlike games like blackjack where
they can make decisions like hitting and
standing. After players have made their
wagers and the dealers has delt the two hands
the player hand is acted on first. The two
cards are turned over and the value is
called out by the dealer
the dealer then turns over the bankers
hand. The total value of
each hand will determine whether either
hand receives more cards
if the player’s hand total 6 through 9
the player stands
if it totals eight or nine it’s known as a
natural and is an automatic winner unless the
dealer also has a natural
eight or nine. If the player hand totals
five or less
it received one and only one more card
whether the banker hand get another card
depend on the total value of the banker
and the player hand. The banker hand will
always stand with a total of seven
eight or nine and you always hit with a
total of 0
one or two the rest of the drawing rules
are more complicated but don’t worry
when you’re playing baccarat all you
need to worry about is placing a bet
in our next video we will go over basic
baccarat odds and strategies to make
sure you’re giving yourself the best
chance of
walking away from the casino a winner visit
for more great casino strategy

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  1. i want to play it but i don‘t have money in my phone so i don‘t know where can i send money to play can you tell me about it.i live in siem reap province

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