How to Play Basic Blackjack : Casino Etiquette for Playing Blackjack

How to Play Basic Blackjack : Casino Etiquette for Playing Blackjack

Hi! This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip, we’re going to talk about proper
etiquette when playing 21 at a casino. Now,
etiquette is important because you’re going
to be the only one necessarily playing any
one table. When joining a game in progress,
you’ll want to either ask the players if it’s
okay if you join or you’ll want to wait until
the dealer is shuffling again. The reason
for this is if you’re sitting at a table and
you’re playing and it’s going really well,
when someone else steps in it can ruin that
flow. Now, you may not mind because you’re
just joining the game, but if you happen to
be in that game and doing well and someone
doesn’t follow etiquette, then obviously,
you’re the one that’s being detrimental to.
So it’s always good to follow that etiqutte.
The other thing is when playing at a standard
blackjack table or 21 table, you need to buy
in. Buy in is getting your chips. You may
come to the table with chips or you’ll hand
your money to the dealer. When handing your
money to the dealer, you simply place it on
the table and ask for a buy in. He will take
your money and he’ll give you the proper amount
of chips, count them out for you, and then
pass them over. He will never directly hand
anything nor will be hand anything to you.
When playing the game, when you place a bet,
you’re going to simply place it on your placer.
Your cards. There are 2 ways that you either
want to stand, which is a hand straight out,
or you want to hit, which usually is a rub
of your cards towards you or your fingers
towards you. That’s going to let the dealer
know that you want another card. Now, if you’d
like to split. If you’d like to take your
2 cards and split them, simply take them out,
say split, and then take the equal amount
of chips that you have on your other hand
and place it down. The dealer will now know
that you want to split the hand. If you’re
going to double down, simply tell the dealer
that you’re going to double down, take the
equal amount of the bet that’s already there
and place it next to the other bet. That’s
going to tell the dealer that you want one
more card and that you’re done with your hand.

12 thoughts on “How to Play Basic Blackjack : Casino Etiquette for Playing Blackjack”

  1. 1st card counting if ur not good at it will get you banned from casinos or make u lose money if u dont know what ur doing. 2nd, it requires alot of knowledge and alot of training to be able to block out distractions, and many other things while remember basic strat, and hi-lo sys if ur doing that, aswell as many more things. Its really complicated and very frusterating

  2. card counting is good in blackjack becouse u know how many high cards are in the game.
    so then u can bet high .

  3. my biggest pet peeve as a dealer is when people come to the table and just throw the cash right into the middle of the table. on top of cards or chips. thinking that you are going to immediately change it for you as if you dont have anything else better to do, such as… finishing the current hand in play

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