How to Play Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack

Hi, my name’s Martin from What I’m gonna do here, is I’m gonna show
and explain to you, how to play Blackjack. All the rudiments of the game,
all the little things that you need to know like Splitting and Doubling and we’re gonna have some lovely
hand examples to help you to learn the
game with us.
In the game of Blackjack,
what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to get closer to 21 than the house.
The good news is that you get the choice
in making decisions, the house doesn’t.
The house will always, as it says on the table here, will always have to draw cards till 17
and will always have to stand
on any total of 17 and above. By contrast,
you yourself can choose when to take a
card and when to stand.
There are some other scenarios that we’ll go through in some example hands here,
where you can increase your bets and
potentially increase
your winnings. These are called Splitting,
when a matching pair is split and you
create new hands and new chances to win
and also Doubling Down, when your total of your first two cards
is less than 11, you there have the opportunity to maybe buy a card.
Double Down one card only,
where you double your initial bet and you get just the one more card
and hopefully you double your winnings. You’ll see examples of this
in the hands that follow. Now the aim of the game, the perfect hand,
is a Blackjack. A Blackjack is an Ace with a 10 valued card,
which gives you a total of 21 in two cards which will beat
any other hand and the really good news
is with the Blackjack, you don’t get paid
you get paid 3/2. Have a look through the example hands
and learn the game with us.
Okay, here we go with an example hand for you. Three boxes being played,
let’s deal the cards. 2, 10,
8, 4 for the house, oh a matching pair there. Right, in this scenario,
we’ve got the chance to Split. You can Split any matching pair,
it’s not compulsory, it’s up to you if you wish to or not. Let’s do it in this case. We’ve got a
pair of 2’s,
we will put another stake down here and play them as
two separate hands, doubling the chance to
Let’s see what cards we get here. 7
and 9. Now we’ve spoken also
about the opportunity in the game of
Blackjack of Doubling Down
and if your first two cards are worth a total of 11 or less,
you have the chance, if you wish to, to
buy a card
or to Double Down. In this case, you would double your initial bet here
for one card only if you wish to. Let’s
have a little look at the situation. You’ve got
a 9 here,
I’m going to say we don’t Double Down at this stage, we’ll just take a card. So it’s card here,
your total goes to 19,
that’s very very good. Here on 11, I think that’s slightly better odds, it’s good strategy
to take a card on 11, as a Double Down, so you’d have to again,
Put your bet down there, 4 chips in this case,
One card only, Doubling Down. And your total is 20.
Moving across, 17, that’s a good hand to stand on.
11 is another opportunity should you wish to, to Double Down. Let’s Double Down
one more time and make this a very expansive hand.
There we go, you’ve Doubled Down in this scenario again,
one card only when you double. 19
is the total. At this stage, you finish your decision making, we come over
to the house, the house will draw cards
until 17.
when the house reaches 17, there will be no more cards drawn.
8, 14.
A perfect scenario, the dealer has bust,
fantastic! We go over 21, you get paid.
Every single one of these bets is a winner. A lovely scenario for you players.
You’ve had Splits,
you’ve had Doubles, every single bet is getting paid.
That’s the perfect hand for you.
Here’s another one.
Right, 4, 14, Ace worth 1 or 11 remember,
3 makes 12, we’ll take the card, 16 we’re gonna stay on that.
A pair of 3’s, let’s split them and see what happens. You can split any matching pair,
It’s not compulsory.
Splitting the 3’s, 4, 14’s our card, 14
that’s a lovely 21. 8, 18, we’re goonna stay on 18,
14’s a card, that one I’m afraid is a bust. No more cards then, house will draw to 17.
16, that’s a bust, the house has gone over,
everyone who’s left in the hand get’s paid, a nice winning hand with the dealers bust.
Right let’s play one more hand. Ace, 6
Ace, 2, Blackjack, 8
and 7 or 17. Now in a Blackjack, I can’t beat it here, so we’re
gonna pay it 1 & 1/2 times, a lovely winning hand here. 6 chips,
you don’t win 6, because it’s a Blackjack you win 1 & 1/2, so it’s 9
for a winning Blackjack, lovely winning hand that one. Here, your total is
8 or 18, let’s take a card. That’s 17, let’s stand.
Here, tricky decision for you, 7 or 17. You’ll see
a little bit later on, we’ll talk about some different strategies. 7 or 17,
Let’s in this case say we’re going to stand. Dealer cards,
5, 6 or 16, 19 the dealer has made a total of 17 or more.
Sadly in this case, it’s a winner for the house.
Insurance. Insurance is something you don’t see too often in the casino’s. It’s a way
of you insuring yourself against the dealer getting a Blackjack and you
losing all your money and all your chips in a hand. I’ve got a nice hand set up for
you already,
I know what’s going to happen, let’s show you how insurance works.
Deal the cards out, 10, 8 and 9.
Dealer card is the Ace.
20, 10, 19. So 20,
we’re gonna stand. There’s no point Splitting against the good card there. The ace, we’re gonna not double
the 10, we’re gonna take a card.
18, we’re gonna stand. 19,
no need to take any more cards. At this
what you can do is you can take
Insurance. Insurance means that you are
insuring against me
getting the Blackjack, the next card being a
10 value and me
beating you. What you’re permitted to do, you’re permitted to bet up to half of your original
on this line, the Insurance line. You can see here, Insurance.
Lets pull the cards back and show you. Insurance pays
2/1 and there we are. So anything you bet on the insurance line, I’m gonna pay you
2/1 odds.
So the player here can bet 2, the player here has got 100,
He can bet himself 50. The player on the end here can stick one on there if they want to. It’s an
optional bet the
Insurance, you don’t need to do it if you don’t feel like it.
If in this scenario, I pull the Blackjack which is a winning hand for the house.
The original bets, they’re all losers. The good news is because you’ve placed an
Insurance bet,
we pay those out at 2/1. That one pays back,
that 50 pays 100, 2/1 odds, that 1 pays 2.
You’ve rescued a bad hand by playing the Insurance
and if the Insurance lost, there’s every chance your original bet will win.
So it’s a nice little way of making sure that you don’t get too much damage if the dealers
got an Ace
for their first card. It’s called playing
Insurance. It’s an option, it’s an option to
limit how much you can loose
Let’s play a lovely hand here. We’re gonna look at the opportunity that you get to change your
bets during the hand, to increase
the amount of money you’ve got at the table.
Splitting and Doubling,
let’s see how it all works, let’s play out a nice hand for you. Three different boxes here,
let’s deal the cards out. 8, King,
and a 2, house cards a 7, a pair of 8’s,
19 and 11. Lots of options here for the player in the first box. He’s got a pair of 8’s.
What are his options? His options are to stand, to think 16’s enough and
hope that i bust.
He can take a card and try and get nearer to 21.
I think in this case what you do, you
Split the 8’s when you’ve got a matching pair
you can split them up and play them as two separate hands. Two chips is the bet,
two chips is how much you have to pay to play the Split.
So the next thing is, the cards get dealt to the 8’s.
18 and 17. The choices are to take a card, to stand,
both cases here I think we stand on
17 and 18.
Let’s play our 19, a very good hand. Now then, what have we got here? We’ve got a lovely opportunity.
I spoke to you before about the chance of Doubling Down, increasing your bets.
Double Down one card only is available to you if your first two cards add up to less than
11. It’s a risky thing to do,
what you’re doing is, you’re doubling your initial bet, but you’re only going to get one
more card.
So let’s Double Down on 11. Well that’s beautiful, that’s 21 as well.
It’s a lovely looking hand.
So the players have got 18, 17, 19 and 21, it’s no more cards. What I’m now gonna do,
I’m gonna deal the dealer cards until we make a total of 17 or more.
let’s have a look at the situation then. Fantastic hand for the players.
21, that’s a winner, that gets paid.
19’s a winner, that gets paid. 17, that’s called a Push.
A Push is where the scores are level, we have the same total, the player
and the dealer, nobody wins, the bet stays. The last
hand is 18, that ones a winner, now that’s what i’d call a perfect hand. You’ve got
you’ve got Double Downs, you’ve got a Push and
you’ve got the dealer paying out to the
A cracking hand for you.
Let’s deal the next hand out then. 3,
7, 4, dealers card is 2,
7, 4 and a 4. Very good hand this one, we like this one.
Opportunities here, the dealer card as we may have spoken about before,
if the dealer card is less than a 7, it’s considered
a week card. If the dealer card is an Ace or above,
it’s considered a strong card. Against the weak card, you’re gonna be taking more chances,
against a strong card you’re gonna be a little bit more careful. The dealer card, fairly weak
the 2, middling to weak. So, we’ve got the opportunity here,
we’ve got less than 11 with the first two cards to Double Down one card only
if we wish to. This hand here is now a 10,
shall we take a chance? Shall we double down? Lets try it and see how the hand works out.
10, Double Down against a 2. An Ace, that’s perfect. That’s 21,
that hand cannot be beaten. Lets move along, let’s Double Down again.
We’ve got 11 against the dealer 2, is this going to be the dream hand I wonder?
If you’re gonna Double Down, you double your original stake. 11 against the 2,
one card only, 21. That is
fantastic. Now what we’ve got here, a pair of 4’s.
Some people would Split them, some people wouldn’t. The option is there. Now if we wish to,
we can Split the two 4’s and play them as two hands,
If we wish to we can play it from the 8. In this case, I think maybe the more sensible
course of action
is just to take a card. Lets do that one. 10,
21, it’s almost like I’ve set these cards up isn’t it? I haven’t actually.
It’s a wonderful looking hand. 21, 21, 21, nobody can loose.
It’s a fantastic scenario. No more cards, the dealer will now draw to 17. Lets see how the
hand finishes off.
2, 5, 15,
16, 25, dealers bust,
everyone’s dream scenario, dealer bust.
A winner, a Double Down winner,
another winner. Lots and lots of hands
like this and you’ll be having a great
time at the Blackjack table,
perfect.! Right, let’s play one more hand.
Queen, 10 and a Jack, house card is a 7.
Blackjack, 20, 20. Gosh, very easy for you players. If only every hand was as easy as this one.
A Blackjack against a 7. Well I can’t match it, so iIm gonna pay it.
a Blackjack as I may have told you before is not paid at evens, we pay
3/2, it’s a lovely winning return. So instead of winning two chips,
you win three. That’s a Blackjack. That’s a lovely winning hand for you.
Simple decisions here isn’t it? 20 and 20, no more cards,
I’m gonna draw to 17, hopefully not to 21.
13, dealer bust. Dealer bust,
player win, lets pay these chips out.
Another wonderful winning hand.
I do hope that what we’ve taught you about
the Splitting, the Doubling, a little bit of
the tactics, about when you should and
shouldn’t take a card have been really
helpful to you in the game of Blackjack. I hope
you enjoy your game. I hope you have a successful time. The number one thing with all gaming, make sure
you enjoy it.

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