How to play blackjack

How to play blackjack

Hi! You are watching the video tutorial on the game
of blackjack created specially by Blackjack
Today we will learn how to play blackjack
with the help of step-by-step instructions.
Let’s see the game process to understand
how blackjack is played.
Let’s imagine that we have 5 players at
the blackjack table. I’ll be playing for the dealer.
The game of blackjack starts after the players
bets are placed and the cards are dealt.
Note that all the players’ cards
are dealt face up while the dealer’s cards
are dealt one face up and another face down,
which will be revealed when it’s the dealer’s turn to play.
The first player has a Blackjack, this hand is
an automatic win unless the dealer has a blackjack too.
As you can see the dealer does not have a blackjack
because his up card is not a 10 or an Ace.
The dealer pays out the win of 3 to 2.
Players who don’t have blackjack must choose
between the basic blackjack options which are:
Hit, Stand, Double Down, and Split. The first one
is to Stand which means to ask for no more cards.
This player has 18 and he decides to Stand as his
hand will probably bust if he takes one more card.
The second option is to Hit
which means to ask for one more card.
You can Hit as many times as you want
until you decide to Stand or reach 21, or bust.
The player at the 3rd seat has
a hand totaling 12 and he decides to hit.
Now the hand totals 17 and he Hits again.
He got lucky and stands on 19.
The third option is to Double Down.
This option automatically increases
the bet twice and deals only one more card.
The player at the 4th seat has 11
and he decides to Double Down.
The fourth option is to Split.
If the player is dealt two cards
of equal rank he can split them into two hands
and play each hand separately with the bet doubled.
The last player splits the pair of 8s.
The player Hits and gets a 9. This hand
totals 21 and it automatically Stands.
The player Hits the second hand and
gets a 10. This hand totals 23 and it busts.
Now it’s the dealer’s turn to play.
According to most blackjack games the
dealer must stand on all 17s and draw to 16.
The dealer turns his face down card face up.
He has 14 and according to the rules he Hits and gets 18.
Now the dealer must Stand and all the players’ hands
are compared to the dealer’s hand one by one.
This hand is a push as the player’s and the dealer’s
hands are both equal. The player gets his bet back.
The player at the third seat has 19 which is higher
than the dealer’s hand and he wins even money.
The next player has 15 which is less
than the dealer’s and he loses his bet.
The last player has 21 which is higher
than the dealer’s hand but is not a Blackjack.
That’s why he is paid 1 to 1.
These are the basic instructions to the game
of blackjack, however there are many
other variations of blackjack which
differ by some rules and options.
Be sure to check all the rules of the game
you’ve chosen before you start playing.
We will learn about extra blackjack options like
Insurance, Surrender and Even Money in the next video.
Thanks for staying with us and
see you soon at Blackjack

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  1. Can someone please tell me why the last person's hand (the one who had 21) was not considered a blackjack? Was it because they had 3 cards which didn't make it a natural?!

  2. @12eecespieces Yes. You can only get blackjack if your first 2 cards eqaul 21. And for this to happen, you would have to get an Ace and a 10 value card. You are not suppose to hit on a hard 17 like this dummy did. Also, i noticed when she split the 8's, she dealt a out of turn. You're not suppose to deal another hand until the first one is done! She dealt the 4 to first 8, 5 to the other 8 and then went back and dealt to the first 8 again THAT IS NOT HOW U PLAY! This woman is a TARD!

  3. @12eecespieces If she would have played the split 8's the right way she would have had 17 on both hands and the dealer would have rightfully busted with the 10 and not the 4! She made an illegal move! This woman is teaching u the wrong way!

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  7. Damn leave the girl alone! Society is so cruel, the point of this video is is to be taught the basics of this game not to insult the narrator. At this point there may as well be no narrator display and just a voiceover.

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