How to Play Blackjack – Doubling Down, Splitting & Push

How to Play Blackjack – Doubling Down, Splitting & Push

Let’s play a lovely hand here, we’re gonna
look at the opportunity that you get to change
your bets during the hand, to increase the
amount of money you’ve got at the table. Splitting
and Doubling, let’s see how it all works,
let’s play out a nice hand for you. Three
different boxes here. Let’s deal the cards
out. 8, King and a 2, House cards a 7. A pair
of 8’s, 19 and 11. Lots of options here for
the player in the first box. He’s got a pair
of 8’s. What are his options? His options
are to stand, to think 16’s enough and hope
that I bust. He can take a card and try and
get nearer to 21. I think in this case, what
you do, you Split the 8’s when you’ve
got a matching pair, you can Split them
and play them as two separate hands. Two chips
is the bet, two chips is how much you have
to pay to play the Split. So the next thing
is, the cards get dealt to the 8’s. 18
and 17. The choices are to take a card, to
stand. Both cases here, I think we stand on
17 and 18. Let’s play our 19, a very good
hand. Now then, what have we got here? We’ve
got a lovely opportunity. I spoke to you before
about the chance of Doubling Down and increasing
your bets. Double down one card only is available
to you if your first two cards add up to less
than 11. It’s a risky thing to do. What you’re
doing is you’re doubling your initial bet,
but you’re only gonna get one more card.
So let’s Double Down on 11. Well that’s beautiful,
that’s 21 as well. It’s a lovely looking hand.
So the players have got 18, 17, 19 and 21,
it’s no more cards. What I’m now going to
do, is deal the Dealer cards until we make
a total of 17 or more. 17, let’s have a look
at the situation then. Fantastic hand for
the players. 21, that’s the winner, that gets
paid, 19’s a winner, that gets paid. 17,
that’s called a Push. A Push is when the
scores are level, we have the same total,
the player and the Dealer, nobody wins, the
bet stays. The last hand is 18, that ones
a winner, now that’s what i’d call a perfect
hand. You’ve got Splits, you’ve got Double Downs,
you’ve got a Push and you’ve the Dealer paying
out to the players. A cracking hand for you.

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  1. Nice vid! Didn't really understand doublin down before I watched this! cheers! Do you have blackjack on your website?

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