How to Play Blackjack – Insurance

How to Play Blackjack – Insurance

Insurance. Insurance is something you don’t see too often in the casino’s. It’s a way
of you insuring yourself against the Dealer getting a Blackjack and you
losing all your money and all of your chips in a hand. I’ve got a nice hand set up for
you already,
I know what’s going to happen, let’s show you how Insurance works.
Deal the cards out, 10, 8 and 9.
Dealer card is the Ace.
20, 10, 19. So 20,
we’re gonna stand. No point Splitting against a good card there. The Ace, were gonna not double
the 10, we’re gonna take a card.
18, we’re gonna stand. 19,
no need to take any more cards. At this
what you can do is you can take
Insurance. Insurance means that you are
insuring against me
getting the Blackjack, the next card being a
10 value and me
beating you. What you’re permitted to do, you’re permitted to bet up to half of your original bet,
on this line, the Insurance line. You can see here, Insurance,
Let’s pull the cards back and show you. Insurance pays
2/1 and there we are. So anything you bet on the Insurance line, I’m gonna pay you
2/1 odds.
So the player here can bet 2, the player here who’s got 100,
he can bet himself 50. The player on the end here can stick one on there if they want to. It’s an
optional bet
the Insurance, you don’t need to do it if you don’t feel like it. If,
in this case, the scenario, I pull the Blackjack, which is a winning hand for the House.
Your original bets, they’re all losers. The good news is, because you’ve placed an
Insurance bet,
we pay those out at 2/1. That one pays back,
that 50 pays 100, 2/1 odds, that one pays 2,
you’ve rescued a bad hand by playing the Insurance
and if the Insurance lost, there’s every chance your original bet would win.
So it’s a nice little way of making sure that you don’t get too much damage if the Dealer’s
got an Ace
for their first card. It’s called playing
Insurance, it’s an option. It’s an option to limit how much you can loose really.

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  1. I thought the insurance bet had to be made before the play of the main hand. Is there really a variant where it's after?

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