How to Play Blackjack Online –

How to Play Blackjack Online –

hey everyone welcome to our video tutorial in this video I’m going to give you a short introduction and online blackjack the first thing to remember is that online blackjack follows the same rules as blackjack on a brick-and-mortar casino in blackjack you’ll win the game if your hand value was twenty-one or closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards but if you go above 21 you will lose instantly let’s just play a little so you can see for yourself this is how an online blackjack table looks like the first thing we’ll have to do was select our bet in this particular case we can choose a bet between one cent to $25 let’s just choose 50 Cent’s for now and begin playing by pressing Deal we hit blackjack an ace and a queen among others forms a blackjack which results in you automatically winning the game seems like we’re lucky today but let’s play another round by pressing repeat and deal this will place the same bed again and launch a new round as you can see the casino gave us two cards facedown and two cards one face up and one face down our two face-up cards have a combined value of 12 which means we’re going to hit as in except another card and unfortunately we busted because now our hand value is above 21 but let’s play another round maybe we’ll have better luck next time eight means that we’re going to press hit 18 18 is very close to 21 so we better not accept another card to refuse another card we press stand you win and this time it was the dealer who busted and we win it looks like we really are lucky today let’s just increase the bet to $1 11 means we need another card 14 14 so we hit again 21 and we won again and this is how you play blackjack both online or in a land-based casino check out our additional videos if you want to learn more about blackjack and other casino games thanks for watching

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