How to Play Casino Poker Games : Deal Stud Poker

How to Play Casino Poker Games : Deal Stud Poker

All right let’s play some Stud. Now one important
thing to note about Stud is that you don’t
play with blinds you play with antes. We’re
going to deal a Head’s Up Stud game. Both
players are going to ante one chip. Now there’s
no theoretical dealer because what’s going
to happen is the person with the lowest up
card is going to be forced to do what’s called
the bring in. The ante was one. The bring
in is two. We have an ace on the board and
ten on the board so the person with the ten
is forced to do the bring in. They have no
choice about this. They can’t fold, they must
at least bet the bring in and if actually
they really love their hand they can say “raise”
and instead of betting two they can bet four.
Now over here, this person can raise or call.
He calls.
We deal the next card up. We’ve got ace-six,
queen-ten. the interesting thing now is that
where as the low card was forced to bet on
the first up card now the high hand has the
option of betting here. The high hands decides
to check and again the low hand is going to
check. Hey, I’ll see a free card, that’s what
he’s thinking. Look at that ace and look at
that queen. They got each others cards. Now
the high hand, instead of this one it’s this
one, ace-queen-ten. This person looks at his
hand, his down cards, here have a peek and
he decides that he’s going to go ahead and
bet. He bets four. This player, he’s not really
in love with his hand but he’s got some high
cards, some connect activity, a little bit.
And he says “okay, I’ll go ahead and call”.

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  1. This was a horrible demonstration… wow I feel as if I accomplished nothing after viewing this… unreal

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