How to Play Casino Poker Games : How is Razz Different From Stud Poker?

How to Play Casino Poker Games : How is Razz Different From Stud Poker?

Next card comes out; looks like this person
might have a five-low. This player probably
has a six-low. This will be a time one player
might try to push another one off the hand.
If I have this hand showing or this hand showing
I’m going to bet. The reason is, if for example,
this person has and ace-queen in the hole,
with that pair of aces and that queen, they’re
running out of chances to even get a qualifying
hand. So if I’m over here and I bet, I might
push them out of their hand. Then again they
may not know what you and I know about Razz
poker. They may think that they can draw out.
Sixth street comes, there’s a seven, and there’s
an eight. Most likely this person has an eight
low if they don’t have a pair and this person
has a seven low. As it turns out, we’ve got
king-seven in the hole. So my hand right now
is a king -low. I’m definitely going to bet
again and try and push this guy off of his
hand. Doesn’t happen. We deal the last down
card and we see what happens. First of all,
I’m going to bet again and try to push this
guy out. Let’s see what this guy has. Well
you know what; he wound up with two pair.
If I bet here, he’s going to fold. So it’s
a good idea for me to bet. Me, well we already
knew I had a qualifying low, with a king-seven
in the hole and only one pair. As it turns
out I did make a low hand. So even if I don’t
push my opponent off the hand my ten low wins.
So you see my hand, this pair doesn’t play
because it’s only one pair, a ten-seven-four-deuce-ace.
That’s known as a ten low.

2 thoughts on “How to Play Casino Poker Games : How is Razz Different From Stud Poker?”

  1. I do not believe that this guy know what he is talking about and here is why.

    First, he stated that the other guy had two pair, but it is that best five card low hand the player plays, and that is Queen-high.

    Second, he use the word "qualifing hand". I have only played online, but that isn't any hand that don't qualify it your best low hand is a full house (which is possible but unlikely) it would just beat a better full-house,(four of a kinds are not possible.) But he right, he wins

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