How to Play Chinese Checkers

How to Play Chinese Checkers

How to Play Chinese Checkers. Neither Chinese nor checkers, Chinese checkers
is a fun game to play. You will need Two to six players A Chinese
checkers board and 10 colored pegs per player. Step 1. Choose a color and starting triangle for each
person. With two or four players, pick triangles that
are opposite each other. With three players, play from every other
triangle.For five and six players, pick any triangle you want. Fill each triangle being played with each
player’s colored pegs. Step 2. Decide which player will go first. Step 3. Move one peg starting with the first player. Pegs move one space each turn and must be
moved into an empty space. Pegs may move in any direction; the goal is
to get the peg to the triangle directly opposite the starting triangle. Step 4. Jump a peg if the adjacent space is open. A peg can continue jumping as long as there
are pegs to jump over. Players may jump any pegs. You can jump a peg all the way across the
board. Step 5. Take turns, with each player moving their
pegs. The first player to get all ten of their pegs
into the opposite triangle wins. Did you know The game of Chinese checkers
is based on a German game called Halma.

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  1. I Always Wanted To Know How To Play This Game
    Great That Way A Great Explanation
    Anyone Here Want To Challenge Me?

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  3. Thanks for uploading. When you look at the game board it looks soooooo confusing, but it's easy actually to understand

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  5. you just have to get the pieces to the other side witht he perk of being able to jump over pegs in front of you like leapfrog. Its really simple once you try it.

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