How to Play Craps : Craps Do’s & Don’ts

How to Play Craps : Craps Do’s & Don’ts

Hi, I’m Joseph Hickerson, pit manager in a
local casino and on behalf of Expert Village,
I am going to give the introduction on how
to play casino style craps. In this clip we’re
going to discuss craps table etiquette such
as handling money and buy ins. Remember, the
dealer can’t take the money out of your hand.
He’ll generally ask you to set it down. He’ll
hand it to his boxman for it to be counted
and he will cut out the value in chips. Also,
handling the dice. When a shooter is sent
the dice, the shooter cannot pick up the dice
with both hands. He’ll generally be asked
to set the dice back down. The dice will be
checked out by the boxman and then sent back
to the shooter who can pick up the dice with
one hand and shoot the dice. And one more
thing; remember not to take the dice off the
table. Keep the dice over the table for the
shot that you’re making. Rule of thumb, the
dice can’t leave past the railing.

18 thoughts on “How to Play Craps : Craps Do’s & Don’ts”

  1. are you kidding man? Some of the best advice will come from those guys. You would be suprised how many of them are helpful. They get paid regardless if you win or loose so they dont care. I find most dealers very helpful.

  2. What casino won't let your hand clear the edge of the table? Thats TOTAL bull crap..people step back a foot or more and throw them, in casinos.

  3. Yes, you can step back a foot or more, but your hand needs to stay over the table. I have never seen any casino allow you to take the dice away from the table. Why would you even want to? All it does is make it easier to knock chips over or shoot the dice off the table.

  4. @dcmn711 the players forget that we work for the casino,we dont get the billions the casino pulls in (the over paid ceo is there for that)….as long as their winning were hopefully getting tipped……..cant live off 6.83 and hour

  5. @dcmn711 As a blackjack dealer, all I want is for the player to win. It makes for a happier table, work environment, and an overall better experience. Aside from different countries such as Australia, a dealer makes their living off tips. No tips and losing players, you're making near, if not minimum wage. I'll dump truck my tray all day if it get's me paid, it's more fun that way!

  6. @Zooropa1310 pays $24 an hour in Niagara Falls but I still tip. the boxmen don't seem to like when I win though. DON'T PASS and I'm rich.

  7. @gabe1487 I know they get tips which backs up what i said 2 years ago even more. They WANT to see you win because when you win, you (usually) tip. So they want to give you good advice so you can win and tip them. I been a lot in the past couple years and have met a lot of cool dealers. Some are assholes but i find most of them are more helpful than anything.

  8. @RunOut1724 And yeah…they do get paid regardless. Doesn't matter how much they make, they still get paid. But of coarse they want their tips and that's why most will be happy to help if anyone has any questions. I usually make out really good at the craps table when I go now and some of that is from advice from good dealers. Of coarse i learned a lot by just watching others and playing with other people and asking questions too. Craps is great cause everyone wants you to do good.

  9. @jimbob1204 there is no way to rig the casino. You will always lose your money at one point or another. Your best bet is to throw your life savings on the pass line.

  10. And don't walk up to a table with a point and "hop the sevens!" Surprised how many dumb asses do that! Wait for the come out roll where all the players will win with a 7. Generally these people are broke and have no clue so they're looking for a bet with good odds. It's a sucker bet of course. That's why they're losers and have no money!

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