How to Play Craps : How to Place Bets that Pay Out in Craps

How to Play Craps : How to Place Bets that Pay Out in Craps

Hi, I’m Joseph Hickerson, pit manager at a
local casino and on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to give the introduction on how
to play casino style craps. In this clip we’re
going to continue talking about place bets,
in particular, their pay off. Now remember,
place bets are set up by the dealer in the
corresponding position to where the player
is at the table. Now place bets pay offs are
also just a little slightly confusing but
we’re going to go through it now. On the four
and the ten, for every five unit you bet,
you’ll receive nine. Four and ten are bet
in increments of five. The five and nine,
for every five units, you’ll receive seven.
The five and nine are bet in increments of
five. The six and eight are bet in increments
of six. For every six units bet, you’ll receive
seven. Now I know this is confusing so let’s
go over it one more time. The four and ten,
every five gets nine. The five and nine, every
five gets seven. And the six and eight which
are bet in six dollar increments, every six
gets seven. This prop box right here, let
me show you first of all where bets can be
made, then we can discuss.

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  1. hey ,,,way to cut that video off before you were done talking…you need to learn how to record a video before telling anyone how to play craps

  2. A place bet on 6 and 8 pays 7:6…that is $7 to your $6. Your bet must be a multiple of six. If you place more than the six, but less than 12, then remainder will be paid off at even money. e.g If you place $10 on 8, they will ask you to up it to $12, or will only pay you $7 to 6, and $4 to the remaining 4.

  3. Why can't I just watch ONE VIDEO that explains all of it at once… instead of watching who knows how many where I have to spend 1/3 of each video watching the guy introduce himself every time!

    Expertvillage FAIL

  4. Rules: 1. keep money on pass or don't pass. . .don't wander. 2. Don't be afriad to switch from pass to don't pass if the table goes dead. 3. When you are on a roll, stay. . .but walk away the moment you numbers don't come back. 3. If you find yourself on a losing streak, leave! 4. Manage your money. . .Don't play with money you will fell guilty about losing. 5. Tip the dealers if you are ahead, or when you leave the table. You want them on your side, even if its just for the ego lift.

  5. The secret to craps is to only bet on the points if a 5,6,8 or 9 is rolled. Whichever number is rolled, we will say 6 for example, you will not place any money on number 6 because it is covered on the pass line already. Now your next highest odds of winning as on the 5, 8, and 9 points. So place minimum bets on 5,8, and 9. If the dice lands on one of your numbers, take your payout, then take your bet back before the shooter rolls a seven, otherwise the casino gets your money. repeat pattern.

  6. @Tropicsna…that's so true…that's what I do at the tables…just take 200 with you if you're at a min $5 table just incase it starts off rough but you will get over the $200 you began with if you stay disciplined and dont wander into side bets etc

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