How to Play Craps : How to Place Hardways Bets in Craps

How to Play Craps : How to Place Hardways Bets in Craps

Hi, I’m Joseph Hickerson, pit manager at a
local casino and on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to give the introduction on how
to play casino style craps. Now keep in mind
that prop bets are one roll bets which means
whatever lands on the dice, the next roll
is exactly what you’re betting on with the
exception of hard ways. Now hard ways win
when the dice land exactly the way the number
shows, for example, a hard six would be a
three on one dice and a three on the other
dice, meaning hard six. If a five and a one
rolls, a four and a two, which are also sixes
but they’re soft, this bet will lose along
with a seven. Same thing for the ten, eight
and the four. A five and a five is a hard
ten, a four and a four for a hard eight and
a two and a two for the hard four which means
a three and a one will lose, a five and a
three will lose here as well as a six and
a two. In a hard ten, a six four will bring
this bet down along with a seven.

2 thoughts on “How to Play Craps : How to Place Hardways Bets in Craps”

  1. This Pit Boss is a genesis I have won every roll on dice just listening to him…thanks expert village you all are the greatest.

  2. Gracious that was why too much energy spent in describing the hard numbers. Did appreciate the captions, or would have if you had some real information on this one. I'll check another one.

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