How to Play Craps Without Betting : Playing Craps in a Casino

How to Play Craps Without Betting : Playing Craps in a Casino

You know if you’re in a casino and you do
go to a casino and play craps avoid all the
long shot bets and what are those? They are
the bets in the middle pretty much. There
are other long shot bets that aren’t in the
middle of the layout that you should avoid.
Avoid anything that we haven’t discussed in
this series but the ones in the middle are
called the hard ways and what are those? Those
are snake eyes, four done like that, two and
two, six done with two threes, eight done
with two fours, ten done with two fives and
then twelve which is always going to be done
with two sixes, that is called box cars. I
guess if you put them like that, they look
like box cars on a train. Also another hard
way I think and I am sorry for not knowing
this for sure is this, I think it is called
Old Chicago and you can get some payout if
you hit that. Here’s the thing, if you get
this, the odds of getting twelve with two
dice I think are one in thirty-six. The problem
is the casino is never going to pay you correct
dots so it’s a long shot to hit, you’re never
going to get paid off correctly and that’s
why it’s a vacuum for your money.

2 thoughts on “How to Play Craps Without Betting : Playing Craps in a Casino”

  1. A 12 is called CRAPS!!! Not a hardway. A 1 and 3 is not a hardway. Only 2&2, 3&3, 4&4, 5&5. Read books and understand the game before you start teaching other people.

  2. What a piece of shit! Learn how to play craps before you make a video! Prop. bets are NOT hardway bets! And since when is a 1-3 called "Old Chicago"?? Oh wait, he THINKS it's called Old Chicago! Take this video DOWN, it fucking sucks!!

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