How to Play Crazy Eights

How to Play Crazy Eights

How to Play Crazy Eights. All you need is
a deck of cards and a friend to play the fun game of Crazy Eights. You will need A deck
of cards Two players Additional players (optional) and a second deck of cards (optional). Step
1. Deal the cards. For two players, deal seven cards each from a standard deck. If you use
more than two players, use two decks and deal five cards instead of seven. Step 2. Place
the remaining cards face down to form the stockpile. Turn the top card – known as
the upcard – face up to start a discard pile. If the upcard is an eight, mix it back
into the stockpile and turn up the next card. Step 3. Start with the player to the dealer’s
left and match either the rank or suit of the upcard with one of your cards. Place it
on top of the discard pile. Step 4. Play an eight at any time if you don’t have the correct
rank or suit. The person who plays the eight chooses a new suit for the next player to
follow. Make the game Crazy Jacks by making jacks – or any other card – wild. Step
5. Draw from the stockpile if you cannot match the upcard. Keep drawing until you have a
card you can play or the stockpile runs out. Step 6. Pass play to the next person. Play
ends when the last card from someone’s hand is played or when no one can match the upcard.
Step 7. Score 50 points for eights, 10 points for face cards, and other cards at face value.
The person with the lowest score is the winner. Did you know Did you know?The French were
the first to use the four standard suits for playing cards that we use today – diamonds,
hearts, spades, and clubs.

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  1. Theres a similar game called dirty 7. you deal 7 cards to each player. ACE= person after you skips a turn, JACK= change to any suite, 7= person after you picks up two cards from stock pile unless they have a 7 too, then the next person picks up (2 cards per each 7 thrown). You have to say "last card" if you are on your last one. If you dont then you must pick up a card lol. also pick up card if you go when it's not your turn lol. also if stock pile finishes, then just shuffle discard pile and r

  2. My way:
    all 2 = draw 2
    queen of spades draw 5 (the bitch)
    4 and A's = skips only
    Mistake = 2 cards
    Only 2 of spades and 8 of spades can stop the queen of spades

  3. wtf is this

    My Way:
    Deal – 8 Cards Thus the name "CRAZY 8S"
    Queen= Reverse
    2=Pick up 2 cards
    Ace=Pick up 4 cards
    Rules- Match the cards by number or suite
    First one with no cards win

  4. The way i learned and it's fun, u start with eight cards, after that game deal 7, then 6 cards down to 1 card, then back up to 8 cards whoever has the lowest score wins. You can bet a dollar a hand.

    8 = wild
    2 draw 2
    4 skip
    A draw 4
    Q reverse

  5. how i play

    Ace= change to any suit
    2= opponent picks up two or if opponent has a two pick up four and so on
    7= seven plays your suit, this means you can play anyother card of that suit.
    8= eight or miss a turn
    Jack= if you play a jack you get another turn
    King= King or pick up 4 or then 8, 12 and 16

  6. how i play
    ace=draw 4

    jokers=draw 6

    2=draw 2




    everything is a regular card and why didnt they stack cards in the video? like when he had two 3's?

  7. how i play
    kings: play again
    2: draw 2
    jokers: draw 5
    ace: block draws
    jacks: reverse
    7: skips
    8: player who plays 8 changes the suit and u can play 8 any time no matter suit

  8. Kings reverse while 2 kings is back to you.
    Drop a queen and you must cover with the same suit.
    2's pick up 2
    Black jack pick up 5 while you can drop a red jack to cancel to prevent picking up
    8 skips
    Joker can be anything you want
    Ace you change the suit you want but you can't play on that turn.
    And if you can't play you pick up 1 card and let the other person play, you dont keep on picking up.

  9. I have never played like for the years ive bern playing. Started when i was 7, now i'm 14. Never heard of these rules.

  10. This is how i play
    •eight changes the suit
    •2, next players plays, then picks up 2. If s/he
    plays a 2, next players picks up 4, and so on.
    • jack next players turn is skipped
    • queen of spades, next player picks up 5
    • start with 8 cards each
    •if someone doesnt have anything to play, they pick up, and its the next players turn

    • joker every players turn is skipped and it is your turn again. The number of players doesnt matter.

  11. how I play
    A's= Skips next player
    2's=draw two for next player
    4's= Skips next player
    8's=WILD card any suit STOPS DRAWS
    Queen of SPADES= Draw Five ONLY the 8 and 2 of spade can effect this card with its effect

  12. This is how I play the game: 8 changes suit, jacks and 4s skip, queen reverses, ace causes the next player to draw 4, 2 causes the next player to draw 2.

  13. Jack skips
    2s and 7s draw 2
    Ace reverses
    Deal 8 cards to each player
    King draw 4
    That is just my way, I don't know if u play differently.

  14. Jack ~ Skip 
    Queen of Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds ~ Draw 2 
    Queen of Spades ~ Draw 4
    King ~ Reverse
    8 ~ Wild, changes the current suit of the game
    10 of Spades ~ Draw 10 (lol)
    Ace ~ Switch your hand with another player
    Joker ~ Draw 7

  15. NOOOOOOO This is how I play
    Jack skips the next player
    Queen reverses
    2 draw 2 
    ace draw 4
    joker draw 6
    8 change the suit
    Each player starts with 8 CARDS not 7 
    you can play multiple cards such as 3 6s, etc
    king of spades draw 10 MUHAHAHAHAHA

  16. My version is weird
    4: skips the other player ( if other player has a 4 then it skips you )
    8: wild card
    2: other person eat two( if other player plays a 2 then u must eat 4 and so on
    Who ever runs out of cards wins

  17. The way I play is different:
    Red queen – Next player draws 2
    Black queen – Next player draws 3
    King – Draw 4
    Jack – Skips the next player
    9 – Reverses direction of play
    Red Joker – Draw 5
    Black Joker – Draw 5 (you actually draw 5 yourself)

  18. um jack is skip queen is reverse king is nothing 2 is draw 2 and ace is draw 4 and 8 is the same
    you start with 8 cards thats how we play at school

  19. Ace = Block
    2 = Pick Up 2
    7 = Reverse
    Joker = Pickup 5
    Jack = Skip Next Player
    8 = Change Suit
    Can't end on any of these cards and if you do you pick up one card.

  20. this is how i play
    you start with 8 cards
    ace and 4= skip
    2= draw 2
    queen of spades= draw 5
    8= change suit
    and the other cards are just normal cards.

  21. In my version Called last card
    Ace: Call suit/Wild card
    2: Draw 2
    5: Draw 5
    10: Skips next player (unless they have a ten)

  22. Deal 8 cards, not 7
    2 pick up 2, they stack
    8 wild, if playing countdown, 7, 6, 5 etc
    Jack skip a turn
    Queen spades pick up 5 (stacks on 2 of spades)
    Pick a rank if you playing more than 2 players to switch direction.
    You have to call last card, or cards or pick up 2
    I find you often have to play multiple games to agree on rules, then you can make your own or modify.

  23. Crazy 8s
    Each player 8 cards each
    Jack's and fours were miss a turn
    Twos were pick up add another two made four and so on add the queen of spades on the two of spades made seven

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