How to Play Dominoes : Domino Rules

How to Play Dominoes : Domino Rules

Hi, my name is Blake Whitaker, and I am going
to teach you the game of dominoes. The player
that gets to go first is the player with the
highest domino, the double six. If you do
not have the double six, then the player with
the double five can go first. If a player
does not have the double player, then you
go to the double four and so on. The score
on the board now is 12 points. The next player
has to play a domino that has a six. If you
add the two ends together, 12 and 3, it equals
15 which scores. You score in multiples of
5s – 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. The next player
can either play a three or a six. The six-two
brings the score to five, because we count
both of the ends, the two and the three. Once
again, this scores points. The first double
played is called the spinner, and in this
case it is the double six; and after we play
on either side of the double six, we can now
play on both of its ends. Any other double
played after the first double is not a spinner,
and you cannot play on the ends. You always
lay doubles perpendicular to the adjacent
domino. You can mark your score by using this
method. When a player first scores, you put
down a dash, which represents 5 points. Two
dashes together create a cross that you can
fill in with Xs, equaling 10 points, and half
Xs, equaling 5 points. When one house if full,
you can then create a new house. You can set
the limit of the game to a certain amount
of houses to win.

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  1. its the way i've played in LA, NC and TX. except we never count 5. you have to score 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30. keep score the same way to. by 10's sounds interesting.

  2. this game is called 5-Up. You can play 4 ways off of the first double, so have 4 possible ends for adding. It's a decent game because u can score during play, rather than only at the end.

  3. this is exactly how you play Dominoes you score in fives but there are many other different ways you can score in threes or in nines or just play straight ,but this is how most people play

  4. Bad video! They guy doesn't even explain how many dominoes each player gets or the fact that you are not supposed to show your dominoes to the other players. Then he has some weird way of keeping score that is unnecessary.

  5. this is not the right way to play dominoes you add the points after the game and you only add the points that the other players have

  6. That method of scoring allows you to break up your points into 50 point sections. It makes it easy to count your points.

  7. basically the only way to score is if you have total outside numbers that are in counts of 5's. like 5, 10, 15, 20. only the outside dots count as numbers but can change with whatever dominoe you put on it. the other way to play in "blocks" dominoes is just count up the points by whoever calls out dominoes. i hope i was able to make some sense…

  8. This did not answer my question. I was taught that you only need a double to start at the beginning of the game or if no one domino out. However, most people play that you have to start every round with a double.

  9. Consider buying The Simple Guide on How to Play Dominoes (Available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook). Plus the book has playing strategies that can be applied universally to variations of the game.

  10. Easy way.  Just count the tile, how many dots left and this is your score at the end of the game.  Are you counting the tile you lay down???

  11. does anybody just play with two ends ?? for example 6/6 one side is 6/2 and the other is 6/5 you can only put a domino that has a 5 or a domino that has a 2 and whatever number

  12. Why is it that when you count on the second tile, the double sixes tile is counted, but then on the third tile, they are not? You count five (with the three and the two), but don't count the sixes (even though they are on the ends)?

  13. I have a question, you said that who ever start has to begin it with placing the highest number of domino on the table, but how do I know of the person I'm playing with has higher or lower then me? do I we just tell each other what's our highest then who Evers has the highest number starts, but If my friend had a domino to start it the game, he knows one of my dominos cause I told him what was my highest so we can see who starts, please reply.

  14. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't get you

  15. I been playing dominos double 6 for 30 years and double 9 for 15 years and have never ever played like this nor seen anyone play like this

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  17. Can someone please explain to me why the doble 6 doesn’t count points when he puts the 6:2? I’ve been watching lots of videos searching for this and neither of them explain this!

  18. this is the worst game of dominoes I have ever demonstrated it seems like he has a corn cob you know where I can't stand his voice it makes me want to go put my head in a saw blade so please do not make another video you will save thousands save mankind

  19. I watched countless of videos of how to play dominos but I still don’t know how to play dominos so I decided to go on on quest of buying every dominos in the world and dumb them in volcano and then travel back in time to stop the man or woman who invited this game from ever inventing it .

  20. When playing Dominoes after the first hand after that when reshuffled can a player start with any Dominoe or should every hand be started with a double I think these people are cheating starting a habd with a 6/4 talking about 10 all loud

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