How to play: Don’t Get Got – A Secret Missions Party Game by Big Potato

How to play: Don’t Get Got – A Secret Missions Party Game by Big Potato

hi I’m big potato Ben and here’s how to
play our secret missions party game
Don’t Get Got, now this game isn’t like
any of our normal games. You don’t roll
dice, you don’t answer questions and you
don’t sit around a table. This is a game
about trying to complete secret missions
without getting caught
start by handing each player an empty
mission wallet, next the most important
part, deal out five white mission cards
to each player facedown. You have to keep
these secret from each other, otherwise
you’ll ruin the game. Finally give one
black mission card to each player, it
doesn’t really matter if anyone sees
these they are all the same.
Now go away and look at your six missions secretly
sliding each of them into your mission
wallet. On each card there’s a secret
mission it’s your job to try and
complete these missions. There’s no time
limit to this game it can go on for
hours days or even weeks. The game
doesn’t end until a player completes
three of their missions each of these
missions involve tricking one of the
other players into doing something
strange at first everyone will have
their guard up so you’ll have to wait
for the perfect moment. If you complete a
mission then take the card show it to
the player and flip it over to the green
‘nailed it’ side before putting it back
into your mission wallet you’re now one
step closer to victory
sometimes things might not go to plan
if a player thinks you’re up to
something they can accuse you of trying
to trick them. If they’re right you must
admit it and show them the card flip it
over to the ‘failed it’ side and put it
back in your wallet. You now have one
less mission card to choose from making
it harder to win. Don’t forget that each
player has the black guess what card in
their wallet, so if you hear any of the
players say ‘guess what’ make sure that
you never ever reply with ‘what’. You can’t
fail this card only nail it so feel free
to try as many times as you want until
you get someone.
The first player to complete three missions wins the game
and that’s how you play Don’t Get Got,
our super stealthy play it anywhere party game

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  1. This game sounds amazing! Wish I could play it, but most people here don't speak English :C And I haven't seen it in Spanish.
    Are there any plans on translating the game to Spanish? (I live in Mexico)

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