How to Play Euchre for Advanced Players : Advanced Euchre Strategy

How to Play Euchre for Advanced Players : Advanced Euchre Strategy

Here’s an old chestnut. Now there’s people
that will say, okay, I should play low or
high, and so forth. I’ve always felt that
the strategy that applies, of course we only
have five card card games here and there are
always exceptions. But the bottom line is
pretty simple here and that is if this person
plays the ten. We’re going to assume that
this is an off suit. Cause if this was trump,
this would be the right and you wouldn’t have
any guess. The better play is to play second
hand low. Not high, not just throwing your
king away blindly and hoping that either your
partner has the ace or at the very least the
queen. So that if this comes up and this comes
up, this may be a key card to discarding.
Why just throw the king out? I mean it’s a
two card suit. Generally speaking, second
hand low, third hand high. Now, there’s one
other thing I have to say here very quickly
because it goes on the same theme. Let’s look
at this again and let’s say that this time
in hearts your void and spades happen to be
trump. Let’s just say spades are trump. You
have a loser and say you have a singleton
club. Now, this is the trust play and you
see this happen a lot. He leads a heart and
it’s usually a guess. Nothings more frustrating
to partner to have you burn a trump on it
and then he loses his ace. If you have an
opportunity to get rid of a suit and void
yourself. Say this is the only club you have
and forget the rest of the cards for the moment.
So he leads the ten, this is the trust play
and he plays the king and your partner gets
the ace. Even your partner didn’t get the
ace, you’ve taken the clubs out of your hand
and so you’ll still have an opportunity to
compensate by trumping clubs. That trust play
is so important. I mean, when do you do it?
No, it’s a pure guess. Now, a little corollary
on that is if I only have a singleton trump.
Well, this doesn’t have a lot of value. So,
again, I’m going to come in here with this
because this is the only one I have, it has
no value. It didn’t really cost me anything.
Yes, I blew away my partners ace, but I also
allowed for the fact that he might have the
ace. So if you get two good, or two descent
trump, or two trump, and a chance to cut a
suit. Go for it, otherwise, you know, do the
trust play.

18 thoughts on “How to Play Euchre for Advanced Players : Advanced Euchre Strategy”

  1. i know there is a uchre club in vegas if your out there but the only other full fledged tournament i have ever came acrosed was one in michagan.

  2. quick question, what about renegging to stop a loner? The outcome would be favorable, 2 points if caught vs the 4 if you anticipate a full 5 tricks being taken. Is the reneg on a loner 4 pts to the opponent?

  3. if they would have gotten all 5 tricks anyway then yes it's 4 points. you'd be better to not reneg and hope you can at least take 1 trick. (You reneg and they could have only taken 4, then they get 1 extra point they shouldn't have).

  4. Man I was allowed to reneg as a beginner, but now we get no renegs and set is an X or 5 points. The variations on points systems and minor rules seem to be almost endless

  5. yuck. It all depends who caled trump, was the dealer stuck, etc. The trust play isn't a total guess. I'm making an advanced euchre strategy video that is much more involved than thiis guy's

  6. I don't know if you are on youtube anymore, but the way you worded that sentence was the funniest thing I read in a long time.

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  8. A good friend of mine from Michigan taught a few of us to play euchre, years and years ago, we haven't played spades since. We call it Yankee Spades! I love this game.

  9. The best time to do the trust play is if your partner as dealer called trump and initial lead is low offsuit and you have 2 trump and a singleton low card in another suit. Throw it out hope your partner has the ace or trumps it. You now have a void and may now have a 2 point hand. Your partner should know you either have no trump or at least 2 therefore should lead trump in almost all cases

  10. Looks like this vid may have started mid-stream thru a longer session. It's confusing when this lesson starts. I don't know what's trump (although a brief mention is made) I dont know WHO called the trump suit. Really need the initial context for this lesson to be relevant…

  11. In this video, really can't see the cards or understand how this game is supposed to be played! 🤨 Back to playing Chess!

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