How to Play Euchre

How to Play Euchre

How to Play Euchre. Tired of losing your shirt
playing poker? How about a fun game for couples instead? You will need 4 players Deck of cards
and table. Step 1. Form two teams of two, with partners sitting across from each other.
Select a player to deal the first hand. The goal of euchre is to be the first team to
score 10 points. Step 2. Remove cards 2 through 8 of every suit. Shuffle and deal five cards
to each player going clockwise around the table. First deal each player two cards, then
three cards. Place the remaining four cards, called the kitty, face down in front of you.
Step 3. Turn the top card of the kitty face up and ask the player to your left if the
suit of that card should be trump. If the player says, “Pick it up,” pick up the card,
and discard one from your hand to the kitty. That suit is now trump. If the player passes,
the question continues clockwise around the table. Most of the time, you should discard
the lowest non-trump card. But, If you have only one card from a non-trump suit, discard
that one instead of simply getting rid of your lowest card. Step 4. The highest card
value is the jack of the trump suit, followed by the other jack of the same color, then
ace, king, queen, 10, and 9 of the trump suit. In off-suit or non-trump cards, the jack ranks
below the queen. If hearts are trump, for example, the jack of hearts ranks highest,
followed by the jack of diamonds. Step 5. If no player chooses the suit of the card
to be trump, turn it facedown. The player to the left of the dealer can pick a suit
for trump or pass. If the player passes, the option goes clockwise around the table. If
no one picks trump, the hand is a misdeal. Deal again. Don’t call trump on a bad hand,
because if you don’t get three tricks, the opposing team wins extra points. Step 6. Player
to the left of the dealer leads with any card from their hand. Each player follows suit.
If trump is led, the partnership that throws the highest trump card takes the cards won
in that hand, called the “trick.” If off-suit is thrown, the partnership that throws the
highest card of the suit led takes the trick. Step 7. Failing to follow suit is called a
“renege.” If an opponent notices that you have reneged and calls you on it, you must
forfeit the hand, and the opposing team gets two points. Pay attention to the cards your
partner plays. You don’t want to trump a trick your partner already expects to win. Step
8. Count the tricks after all the cards are played. If the team that called trump captures
at least three tricks, they get one point. If they capture all five tricks, they get
two points. But if they fail to capture three tricks, they are “euchred,” meaning they lose
that hand and the opposing team wins two points. Step 9. Go alone against the opposing team
without the aid of a partner if you are dealt a good hand. If you win three tricks, it is
worth one point. Winning all five tricks is worth four points. Less than three tricks
means you are euchred, and the opposing team gets two points. Step 10. Continue the game
with the next player dealing a new hand. The game continues until a team wins 10 points.
Did you know The jack was originally called a knave, but was renamed to avoid confusion
between the “Kn” of knave and the “K” of king.

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  1. so i distribute cards with a kitty and ask if its the dealer then i get to pick a card and discard the kitty 2 -4-8 .then we make a sound knowing that its the trick yet the others will lose their hands if we kitty their dealer 3 tricks winning 2 points as in 5 with less tricks

  2. People who don`t understand this tutorial, you are retarded. She perfectly explained the rules of the game. Maybe you need a Euchre for Dummies? Oh wait, you're too retarded for that.

  3. This is what I heard… "dos difweoi fokdos weori wed Trump ksdoe woeifi dkxlsi Player fjeiwo Shuffle sdjiofijd King sdkjfod djfi eowasd Did you know the Jack was renamed?"

  4. No – the problem is pretty clear. It makes sense if you understand the card-playing vocabulary, but if you don't know some of the basic terms, you'd be lost. Otherwise, it's a great video. It just needs a brief explanation of the terms that will be introduced up front.

  5. I play a variation of this game called pfeffer and it is honestly my favorite card game ever. I encourage people to learn it bcuz its a really fun card game.

  6. Wow!! As a newbee of the game Euchre this video on" how to play" is way to FAST for a beginner. She lost from the beginning.

  7. I would have also added something about the cards used for scoring, a mis-deal and the option to stick the dealer (keep it clean, people).

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