How to Play Go Fish

How to Play Go Fish

How to Play Go Fish. The object of this game is to collect the
most “books”—or sets—of four of a kind, like four kings, four nines, and so on. How do you collect them? You go fish! You will need A deck of cards, without the
jokers and at least 2 players. Step 1. Sit in a circle, on the floor, or at a table. Pick someone to deal out the cards. Can’t decide who’s going to be the dealer? Flip a coin or, with the deck face down, have
everyone draw a card. Whoever gets the highest card deals. Step 2. If there are just 2 people playing, the dealer
gives each player 7 cards. If there are more players, everyone gets 5
cards. This game is the most fun with 3 to 6 players. Step 3. When everyone has his or her cards, the dealer
places the rest of the deck face down in the middle of the circle where everyone can reach
it. This is the draw pile. Step 4. As you get your cards, organize them, putting
any that are the same rank or number together—but don’t let anybody else see what cards you
have! Step 5. The player on the dealer’s left goes first. The goal is to collect as many books as possible. The first player starts by looking at the
cards in her hand. She then asks one other player for a specific
card—but it must be a card that she already has at least one of. So if the first player has a nine in her hand,
she can ask “Got any nines?” It’s a good idea to ask for the cards that
you have the most of. Step 6. If the player who gets asked has any nines,
she has to give all of them to the player who asked for them. That same player then gets to go again, and
ask any other player for a card. Step 7. If the player who gets asked doesn’t have
any nines, she says, “Go fish!” The first player then takes the top card from
the draw pile, adds it to her hand, and her turn is over. Step 8. The person sitting to the left of the first
player goes next. She asks anyone she likes for a card that
she already has one of. If she gets a card, she can ask for another. If she doesn’t, she has to go fishing from
the draw pile. If someone asks another player for a card
that you also have, remember it—when it’s your turn, you can ask the asker for it. You know she must have at least one! Step 9. Keep going around the circle this way. When a player gets the fourth card of a book—let’s
say all 4 nines—she shows them to the rest of the players, takes them out of her hand,
and places them in a stack in front of her. Step 10. The game is over when all the books have been
collected, or all the cards are divided up into their groups of four. The winner is the person who has “caught”
the most books. Did you know Look carefully—in every deck
of cards, the King of Hearts is the only king who doesn’t have a mustache.

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  1. … wrong, deal out 7 cards, if you have pairs, get rid of them, player with the most pairs at end of game, wins, there, i explained it without a video, now you know

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  3. i have a question.. if u ask a player a card and the player has it, is the player forced to give the card or he/she can say he/she doesnt have it and hides it?

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  5. 2s through 9s are worth 5 and 10s are worth 10 each and Kings, Queens, and Jacks are also worth 10 each and Aces are worth 15 each.

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