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  1. So if i missed the lottery, do i have to make new account again to get into the lottery? I no longer am able to click that yellow button. I can only click on the red button

  2. @Kin-Wai Tang I don't know If this will get to you but I have not been able to find the reply button under your comment, but mostly you can play at any time for any length of time. The only real restriction is game maintenance.

  3. I created an account prior to watching this video, and following the www-dmm-com/netgame_s/kancolle/ link takes me to the full server list, even after clearing cache. 
    Do I still have to try and enter using the red button which I can't get to anymore?

  4. What happens if you do press the yellow button when there's no lottery??? I accidentally did that and now I can't get back to the red button whilst signed in

  5. What if we press the yellow button right away and not after a minute by accident? Do I have to restart from a certain point or something? I'm pretty sure I did everything right up to that point otherwise

  6. Every time I try to change the cache size for Google Chrome it gives me an error message

    "Specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct" 

    Any solutions?

  7. I've entered the proxy and trying to get to KanColle web page but it's telling me that the page isn't available in my area. What do I do?

  8. I want to try this game out, but I keep missing the lottery because I always end up busy during the time it takes place – most often around 12PM in Britain. 🙁

  9. Hey Zero I think last night maintenance patched the game because no matter what I do, and I followed your instructions carefully, I read the twitter and they realized a high level of unstable internet connections, and realized these were from abroad, so I wanted to inform you they may have patched it where all us American and European people cannot access or even play, I'll post the tweet just in case

  10. So,I've got an account and everything,now it says I believe that lotteries for May are at 18:30 jst
    So that means that I will have to get up at 6:30 in the morning to participate in the lottery?
    (I am in U.S. central time zone)

  11. I've tried this so many times and it never works. I think I tried it so much I might have broken it. 😛 I really wanted to play this game but I guess I won't be able too. :c

  12. somethimg weird is happening… i reset my computer to get evrything fresh and then i try to log in to kancolle, but when i did it showed all the servers being full :0 im in a panic! i dont want to have to win the lottery again if thats what this means ;-; please help?

  13. +MilesTailsPrower99
    1.Calm down, breath.
    2. Make sure everything was as it was before you reset your computer.
    3. Make sure everything was as, logged in MMD, proxy up etc.
    4. Proffit?

  14. Well i diddn't win the lottery.So do i have to make a new account? Because now the red button doesen't show up and it directly goes to the servers which are full…

  15. Hey, I'm pretty sure if I have to. But, do I have to take the change the proxy via chrome back to how it was like you changed it in the video? If so how do I do that?

  16. Void, when I enter in KanColle site, i just press the red button and go for servers lists, then it says that all of them are full, how can I go for lottery?

  17. Now I have to do lottery again I got in the first time but servers were full when I refreshed at 5 min :'(

  18. God damn kadokawa… Seriously, why don't they just add an normal registration with an download button xD

  19. Is there something we have to do every time once you've already won the lottery? Like let's say I'm in, must I clear cache or change to JST or do the VPN thing each time I want to play? Thanks.

  20. Do you have to do the lottery every time you want to play the game, or do you just have to do it until you get into the servers?

  21. Dude i want to ask some question. Last 2 day i got mine lottery if the next lottery should i need take again?

  22. @Sαωαѕαωα Aѕαнι 
    Do it much earlier, then press the red button and fill out the information up to seeing the yellow button. Press the yellow button a few seconds before the lottery should happen.

  23. hey man i register account and i pushed yellow button before 1min till lottery what are my options do i have to register new account

  24. Can you pls help me create an account for kantai collection? Pls?
    Because im noob with computer >< dunno how to do this ….

  25. thank you very much for this guide, just 3 minutes left while i was watching and got into it directly, really appreciated!

  26. a question, what if, i don't have the 2nd registration part where i have to re-enter all the information? well i kinda had dmm account for some time now but i was wondering whether it had any effect…

  27. +V0id0fGames
    Just a single question…..
    if all the servers are full, do i have to make another dmm account when the new servers are released*?
    *if there are gonna be new servers under developement

  28. Do i need to tweet @ them or just watch their twitter feed for an upcoming lottery. I see their recent tweet (today about 2hrs before this post) has a date [8/10] but no time. 
    tl;dr How do i find out when the are doing the next lottery? 
    Thank you for your time

  29. Ive checked the twitter but cant find the time for the next lottery, does anyone know when it is or where I can find it. I checked the wiki and the titles relating to the lottery had a line through them, so…?

  30. Wow, what a seriously messed up system for getting new players. The real question is why sould I put up with their bullshit and go through all this trouble? They clearly don't particularly want my or anyone else's business, even in Japan, much less elsewhere. Or are they too incompetent to know or care how to serve customers properly?
    Or maybe it's intentional, some too-clever-by-half "marketing through arificial scarcity," in which case I'll be damned if I'm going to reward them for using such a twisted, stupid tactic… So to put it short, why should I even bother with this game? Seriously asking here.

  31. Hey Guys, since this tutorial is a bit outdated due to the lack of a lottery system, I've finally created an updated tutorial.

    You can check it out here!

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