How to Play Perfect Blackjack –

How to Play Perfect Blackjack –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial. In this
video we’re going to teach you how to play Perfect Blackjack. Perfect Blackjack is an exotic variant of
blackjack that offers very advantageous winning odds. The rules of Perfect
Blackjack are the same as the rules of regular blackjack with the exception
that Perfect Blackjack allows players to place various side bets during gameplay.
In Perfect Blackjack, players can place a side bet on either their own hand of
cards or on the dealer’s cards. There’re three side bets in Perfect
Blackjack. The first is called the Perfect Pair which will pay out if the
player’s or dealer’s initial cards form a pair of the same suit. The second is the Colored Pair side bet
which will pay out if the player’s or dealer’s initial cards from a pair of
the same color but different suit. The last one is the Red or Black Pair which will
pay out if the player’s or dealer’s first two cards form a pair of different color
and different suit. Let’s play a few rounds so we can show some examples. After
placing the normal bet, we have the option to place a side bet too. 13. 18. And the dealer won and since none of the
side bet winning conditions were met, we also lose our side bet. But let’s play another round. And it seems this time we’re lucky.
Now both of our cards have the same value and color, meaning we win the Colored Pair
side bet. Let’s just press “hit” and move on. And we busted. But we won our side bet which gives us
$13. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?! Let’s play a new round. And looks like we’re going to win the
Perfect Pair side bet because our two cards have the same value, same
color as well as same suit. 15 – we hit. And we busted but it really doesn’t
matters since we won our side bet which paid us $26. And this is how you play Perfect
Blackjack. As you can see, Perfect Blackjack is very rewarding if you can
manage to win your side bets. Thanks for watching!

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