How To Play Playstation Games on PC  [PS1 EMULATOR]

How To Play Playstation Games on PC [PS1 EMULATOR]

*How to Play Playstation Games on PC* Hello everyone and welcome back to Yes Guy
Gaming. Today we are doing a tutorial on how to play playstation games on your pc computer
using a playstation 1 emulator. It doesn’t take too long but there are a few specific
steps we need to go through. Let’s get to it. The first thing we are going to need to do
to get our PS1 Emulator working is download the actual playstation emulator. This is the
program that is going to run on our pc windows 10 computer that is going to be running the
games for us. For this there are a few different emulators that are available, the one that
I am using is called pcsx emulator for windows. There are plenty of different emulators you
can use. There are opinions on which ones are better than others but this is the one
I am going with. This is the download from, there are plenty of other
download links available. Just click this link and download the pcsx emulator here. When that’s downloaded you should get a file
that looks like this. dot 7 z file. You’ll need to right click this and hit extract.
You’ll need to extract these files, if this doesn’t appear you’ll need to get an extracting
software like WIN Rar. I’ve explained how to do this in some of my other tutorials.
It’s pretty simple download the program and it should let you then have these options
appear to extract here. So once you do that, click on extract here and then this is what
should come out of it. It should extract the files that are in there. When you open that
up you’ll see the exe file here, that’s how were actually going to run the emulator. Double
click that to open it up, it brings up the emulator window here. Now I already have this
set up, the first time this opens its going to open a configuration window that you’ll
need to navigate. The standard settings are fine I just clicked ok. Of course if you know
what your doing you can play around with those but the basic settings should be fine for
now. Now what we’re going to need next is a ROM
ISO file. This is the actual game file that we are going to be using. That the emulator
is going to use to play the game. The site that I am using for this particular one is
called ROM Hustler. There are plenty of ROM Iso sites where you can find these games.
Some of them give you different types of downloads. This one I found to be the easiest. I’ll leave
a link for this in the description as well. So if you navigate your way through the site
to the Crash Bandicoot example that I am using. All you have to do is click a few times, click
here to start your download. Once that’s downloaded you’ll have to repeat
the same process that we did for the emulator, we’ll have to extract the file, which I have
done here which will give us all these files that we need here to run the program. So once we have all our files extracted, all
we need to do is open the ps1 emulator, go to file, and select run ISO and we have got
to navigate to where the crash bandicoot files are that we exported earlier. Click on that,
hit open and that should be what opens up and starts running the game. The default controls for this emulator are
the arrow keys for the d pad then the z s d and x keys to represent the four buttons
on the playstation controller. I am use you can use and configure an actual controller
to work with this emulator but we wills save that for another tutorial for now. Well there you have it! Here we are playing
Crash Bandicoot on our Playstation 1 Emulator on our Windows 10 pc computer. I hope you
guys found this tutorial informative and helpful. If you have any questions feel free to hit
me up in the comments below. I will help out if I can. Thank you so much for watching and
we hope to see you next time on Yes Guy Gaming! *How to Play Playstation Games on PC*

14 thoughts on “How To Play Playstation Games on PC [PS1 EMULATOR]”

  1. I have it working fine apart from some sound glitching anyone having similar problems and know what to tweak to fix it?

  2. Small question: At the bottom of the screen for download links it says "Note: When downloading split files you need either HJsplit or 7-Zip to join the files together." What does this entail, as for a test run I was going to get The Legend of Dragoon, a 4-disc game, will I have to use an extra program to combine the 4 disc files into a single ROM?

  3. when you go to that first site it says you have been here before and your data has been taken click to see if i has been or not

  4. MR,
    yes gay..!
    i try like you said . i am download the game "Vigilante 8 [U] [SLUS-00510]" after the extract file its not shows their ISO or disc image file which is need to start the game .
    please help ASAP …

  5. If anyone is having problems with the sound glitching download this sound plugin and add it to the plugins folder and config from there worked great for me

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