How to Play Pool : How to Hit the Cue Ball

How to Play Pool : How to Hit the Cue Ball

Hi! I’m Michael Lamendola with,
and today we’re going to shoot some pool.
Okay, you’ve got you stick, you know how to
hold it, and now you’ve picked out your bridge.
Finally, let’s hit the cue ball. By the way,
this is the cue ball. It’s the white one.
I’ll talk about the rest of the balls in a
second, but right now this is how you hit
it. Now, there are many different ways to
hit the cue ball. The most direct is right
in the center. Now, many balls will have a
little dot on them for reference. This one
doesn’t so just pretend with me. When you’re
going to hit the ball, most times it’s going
to be right in the center. You’ll know that
you’ve hit it in the center if it comes back
to you the same way that you aimed it. Not
bad. That’s hitting it in the center. Sometimes
you’ve got to use English for different reasons.
English is when you hit the ball anywhere
but in the center. There’s low English, there’s
high English, there’s left English, there’s
right English, and there’s any combination
of those. Let me give you a little example
of what each one of them does. Let me grab
one of these. This is ball; he’s the
yellow one. First, I want to show you low
English. Low English is going to draw the
ball back. So when I hit it I use low English
aiming low at center and the ball is going
to come back to me, or it’s going to stop.
Let me try that again.
That is low English. Now, what I did before,
on accident, it’s kind of called stop, which
it doesn’t really have quite a name. It’s
not quite low and its not quite center. When
you hit the ball this way, the ball’s going
to stop. That’s important when you’re lining
up your next shot and it’s somewhere close.
Now, the opposite of low English is high English,
and it does the exact opposite. This time
when I hit the ball, I’m going to use high
English, which is above center, and the ball
is going to follow. That’s when I’m going
to chase the ball to another shot. Now, similarly
there’s left and there’s right English, and
that does the same thing. Left English the
ball is going to go to the left, and right
English the ball is going to the right. I’ll
explain later why these are important, but
for right now that’s English. One more thing.
When you’re shooting the cue ball always make
sure you keep your form all the way through.
It’s kind of like golf. You don’t want to
shoot and raise up and see what happens. That’s
not good. If it’ll help you, think about striking
and imaginary ball that’s right in front of
that ball. That means that really I’m pretending
that I’m shooting right here. What that does
is it forces me to shoot through the ball.
After I shoot, I’m keeping my head down and
keeping my body down that way I’m not affecting
by making any sudden movements. Again, when
you shoot, shoot through the ball.

99 thoughts on “How to Play Pool : How to Hit the Cue Ball”

  1. I watched. Michael's videos one time that evening I played better than I ever have before thank you Michael, I never thought I can ever play pool you showed me it was only in my mind. Following your steps were so easy to apply.?

  2. Side spin (english) does not affect the direction the cue ball is going after the contact with the object ball… *sigh*
    If you're going to teach people, do it right.

  3. Are you serious? Are you really saying that if you put right or left english on the cue ball, it will not affect where the cue ball goes after hitting the object ball? You can't be serious….

  4. Yes. It's basic physics. Think about it.
    I recommend watching DrDaveBilliards channel. He has a lot of videos with things you did not even imagine about billiards. Including highspeed videos to prove them.

  5. LOL. both dragos and live are wrong. Spin affects how the cue ball bounces off the rails. Not the object ball, and not the path of the cue ball before contacting a rail

  6. ur rong. its called "throw" dumbass. spin also cause deflection. in other words "squirt." oviousley spin changes the path of the rail thats the whole reason u use it

  7. "There's low english, there's high english, there's left english, there's right english, and there's any combination of those." Really? You can use low and high english at the same time??? This guy IS an expert!!!! -_-

  8. WOW! I never knew english came into the game pool. I always called it back spin and top spin I learnt so much from watching this video……..

  9. The amount of extra side direction the cue ball gets is due to the ball pushing of the object ball at the moment of contact. But the rotation speed and the friction between the balls are so small that the whole thing is insignificant. Also, not worth bothering with it (if you're not planing on hitting a cushion) because of the squirt and swerve the cue ball will have due to the side spin.

  10. it causes it to spin in a similar way to kicking a soccer ball, the spin causes it to move to an area of low pressure and/or when it strikes the object spin off it

  11. In order for different pressures to happen air needs to be moved by the edges of the ball. A pool ball is much smoother than a soccer ball and a lot denser (it's inertia is a lot stronger).
    Spinning off the object ball can happen. But the friction between the balls is low and the time of contact is very short. Plus, since the obj ball isn't locked in place, it will start spinning and almost all of the cue ball's spin energy that is in action (removed from cue ball) is transferred to the obj ball

  12. I think when Chapelle imitates white people, he has you in mind.

    With regards to the quality of your instruction; pitiful. He knows not the vernacular nor does he have the execution to teach this.

    I can only imagine that this company put him up to this and he did the best he could.

  13. I agree this guy shouldn't be teaching, but I do believe if you use power and side spin you can affect the cue balls path right after contact. I do it all the time 🙂

  14. does anyone have the comprehension of when I ask what controls the cue stick release on the game 8 ball miniclip????? Is it arrows is it X or Y or Z how can I hit another ball  ANYONE UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM ASKING

  15. Stick? Mate im pretty sure its a cue and no one ever says english low english is screwback. I play professionally and he hasnt got anything right

  16. when i'm shooting with right english for exemple it's going left I can't understand can someone explain me please? :/

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  18. Get off the stage if you can’t even get a little bit a drive with Phil was running get the hell out of Dodge you’re a joke

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