How to Play PS3 Games on PC! RPCS3 Setup Tutorial! Working PS3 Emulator! PS3 Games on PC! [OLD]

How to Play PS3 Games on PC! RPCS3 Setup Tutorial! Working PS3 Emulator! PS3 Games on PC! [OLD]

Hey guys, my name is Scoby
Today I’m going to be showing you the PS3 games on your PC, for this we’re going to be using the emulator
RPCS3 on screen right now you can see me playing some dragons crown, let’s jump right into this
The first thing you’re going to want to do is download the emulator itself
links are always in the description down below just download whatever the latest version is in this case
It’s version zero point zero point two alpha just click the latest builds available click here
You’ll be brought over to the apveyr page
Click the link here and your download will begin for whatever the latest version of your emulator is you might have a slightly different version?
you might have a slightly different version
But download whatever the latest version is it should be the most stable version available at the time?
Where also going to be downloading the actual Playstation firmware which we’re gonna need to come to this playstation link, links are always down below
And we’re going to be downloading the latest version right here. This is the Russian page, but it does not make a difference
It’s all the same and it will work just as well
Get both these files downloaded and move into a location where you can find them easily
While I’m in the browser. I’m also going to bring you to the compatibility page
And this is gonna be a list of all Playstation 3 games that are compatible
And it’s going to break them down into categories of how compatible they are with this emulator currently, of course they’re updating this as they can
With every latest build they’re going to try fix and add more games. This is the official
RCPS3 website you can support their patreon if you want to help them out or if you want just some more information about the
Emulator about the blog you can read it all over on here. I’d recommend checking this out also
You can check out the full list of games here to see what’s playable to see what’s not and I recommend checking this out
So once your files are downloaded and you’ve checked out the compatibility list
We’re going to start installing and setting up our games
So what you want to do is make a new folder named our RCPS3
And we are going to be extracting our emulator files into this we’re going to be opening up the emulator that is zipped and we’re going
to be extracting all the files across to our blank folder with Winrar or 7zip
once all our files are across we’re going to be installing the firmware I also have downloaded here
so we’re going to want to do is open up the
actual application click run and your emulator will open up for the first time
we’re going to click ok, I have read this and click ok. If you want this message to never pop up again just click to
not show again
I’m going to click ok and we’re going to start doing some stuff to get this emulator up and running
so first I’m going to be doing is clicking the boot on the top left and we’re going to be installing the firmware and then we’re
Going to be locating to the file that we just downloaded from the Playstation website in this case
It’s the PS3UPDAT.pup, We’re going to click ok and the firmware is going to start installing
We’re gonna need this to actually get our games to run. and we’re gonna be doing one more thing with this file once were ready
now that the file is installed
It will give you the success message
Click ok and then we’re going to decrypt the files that we have just installed in this firmware
We’re going to be doing this by going to utilities. We’re going to be looking for SPRX Decryption
Now depending on the version of the emulator you’re using these messages might be in slightly different locations
But look for some variants of the functions. I’m showing and you should get on just fine. We’re going to go back to utilities
We’re going to go to SPRX decryption
We’re going to be locating to our actual RPCS3 folder the installation path. We’re going to be going to the dev_flash folder
We’re going to be going to that sys folder
We’re going to be going to external and then we’re going to be selecting all of the files in this folder
So you can either click CTRL+A or you can drag and highlight all the files click open
And it’s going to start decrypting all of the firmware files which is going to let our games actually play and install
So now we have our emulator ready. We’re ready to start installing getting our games up and ready
I’m not going to be showing you today’s video where to download games, but I should also mention. There’s two different types of games
There’s games that can be downloaded from the PSN store that require .rap files for verification in this emulator
And there’s just games that run directly off a disk or .iso files that do not require any .rap files for verification
There’s some software out there that will let you download PSN games directly along with the .rap files really easily
I can’t show you what that software is
But it’s really easy to find some google searching will help you out and games are pretty easy to find if you know where to
Quick google searches will help you out with all of these
But like I said, I’m going to be showing you how to set up and install the games as well
So what we’re going to do is come up to boot on the top left
We’re going to be going to install PKG, and this is going to be to install
PSN downloaded games, you want to locate where your games are downloaded, so mine are on my d drive during PSN stuff, they are in downloads
I’m going to be installing the Dragon’s crown .pkg
Simply click open and your game will actually install as if it was an actual
PS3 so it is going to bring it over to the actual installation path
I’ll be showing you where that is in one second if you want to just drag and drop your games over
but I should note that they need to be in a specific file format and version and I’ll show you how that looks also if
You get a .pkg file
All you need to do is install it and the emulator will take care of the rest once it’s installed
It’ll have this little popup message. We can click ok
So now we have our game installed if we try to open it up
We can tell that we’re missing the rap file for this actual game
And we can really easily fix it like I’ll show you in one second, now while I’m here
I’m also going to show you that this is our log
Or this is like a console and this is going to give information about the game
so if there’s any loading issues or any
You can bring these issues over to google or post them in the forum and people can give you specific
Help according to your problem. So use the log effectively if you’re having issues post down the comments
I’ll try to help or look on google and see if anyone else has your issue and has helped to fix it now
We’re ready to get our .rap file sent over
I’m going to be showing you some of the settings and we’re going to be getting game up and running
So I have my .rap file over here in this case is going to be looking at the Dragon’s crown rap file
We’re going to be bringing it over to our actual RPCS3 emulator
We’re going to bring it over on to the DEV_HDD0 We’re going to be going to home
We’re going to be going to 0001 we’re going to be going to x data
We’re going to bring our rap files into this folder
From here, we’re going to be going back over to our emulator. We’re going to be closing it down
We’re going to be reopening it back up and our game should be able to run if you open back up RPCS3
Click Run
our little pop-up message will come up one more time and
Dragons crown should start running from the beginning, simply double click or you can right click and click launch and your game will start to
Run and as you can tell it’s as simple as that to get PS3 games up and running
I’m going to showing you some of the settings now. I’m going to close this down
We’ll come back to it in a second so real quick
I just wanted to show you how the games actually look when they’re installed
so if we open up our actual
RCPS3 folder if we head into Dev_HDD0 and if we head to game instead of home
We can see all the games we have currently installed, so the test 12345 is a default one
That’s just on the actual emulator
We don’t need to worry about that, but here’s the Dragon’s crown actual folder if we open it up
This is what the games will actually look like and if your game is in this kind of format
You can drag the file directly over and this is what the actual
Installation process does puts it onto the Playstation emulator as if it was an actual game
And then we link back to the .rap file which then works as if it was an actual game on actual Playstation
So if we come up to our config we can go to settings and here
We have some of our core settings that we need to set up so you basically want to copy all the settings
I have here you want to set your PPU decoder to interpreter you want to set the SPU decoder to recompiler
And you want to make sure your load libraries is automatically load required libraries, so you’re in we’ll run as smooth as possible
So if you having some difficulty with your game, or you feel like it’s running bad
Or it’s lagging a little bit you can set your renderer from opengl to Vulcan and you can select your dedicated graphics card right here
If you’re having some difficulties with Vulcan go back to opengl and I recommend jumping back and forth for some games if you’re having
Difficulties this can be where most your difficulties will lie
But it can also help you give you some more FPS if your game is running bad you also have some other graphical settings
Right here, I’d recommend leaving these alone for the most part most people’s PCs. You need a pretty powerful PC to run anything above
720p for now I’m going to leave in opengl because I seem to have a little difficulties with Dragon’s crown in this case
Audio I recommend leaving it on xAudio2
This is the best version for this actual emulator although
It can give some difficulties if you are run it over to open Al and you can change that up here
We have our input and output here. You can set up a keyboard or controller
Whatever else you want to change you can come in here and change all the settings
Last thing I recommend to be changing your system language of your language is here for this
I’m going to be setting it English us everything else. I recommend leaving alone
you can come in here and have a mess around with the settings if you wish the main – you need to look at if
You’re having
difficulties running a game are setting your renderer from opengl to Vulcan or vice versa and setting your audio from x audio to open Al
And vice-versa other than that your emulators should run perfectly smooth if we click ok we can reopen our game
Our game will start to run
It’s as simple as that to install games if your game is running from a disc or dot
I assume is like
I said you won’t need a .rap file in your game should work
Check out the compatibility list down below and you can see what works
I’m just going to play a little bit more dragons ground here
So you can see that everything works, and I can move around
I am using my keyboard as an input right now because I don’t have my controller connected in but everything should work just perfectly fine
If you are having any difficulty just let me know in the comments down below like I said all the information is down below
Imma leave my Paypal link down below if you want to support me and you found this emulator tutorial helpful
I have a bunch of other emulator tutorials over here my channel if you want to check those out
I really appreciate if you would like I said if you any difficulties, let me know in the comments down below
I’m Gonna leave 2 videos on screen
The one on the left is going to be a most recent upload and the one on the right is going to be one that
YouTube must suggest that you will watch you should probably check it out because it’s apparently for you anyway guys
Thank you so much for watching until next time as always keep it saucy peace

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  13. Hey everyone! So I finally got some time and decided to re-make this tutorial with the latest version of RCPS3 so there will be less hassle as a lot of users seemed to be having issues with getting this version up and running you can find a link to that video here:


    I also wanted to thank you all for just over 100k views on this video, really means a lot knowing my videos are helpful and I'm glad that my channel is finally getting some traction! So for those of you who want to support me to help me keep making content I'm also going to be linking my paypal here if you're feeling generous!


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