How to Play Roulette | Las Vegas

How to Play Roulette | Las Vegas

My name is Mike Myers. I am the owner of Legion
Marketing; my expertise is in nightlife. I believe that I know the best and brightest
of everything that’s in Las Vegas. I can help you skip the lines, skip the bad spots, basically
cut the fat. How to play roulette. For what I know the easiest way is just to not play.
The typical rule is: play your birthday. Play whatever numbers you want. Play them over
and over again and that way you wan’t kick yourself whenever it hits the second you take
it off the board. The odds are exactly the same from each spin. I can’t repeat that enough.
The board that tells you what the past twenty spins were is the biggest scam in Vegas. If
it hit red the last twenty times the chances of hitting black on the next spin is still
the same as it was twenty spins ago. Black is not overdue. It’s basically a game of risk
where you try to guess the exact number the ball is gonna come up with and the exact color
and then of course you would think that the odds would be fifty-fifty if it is gonna hit
black or it is gonna hit red. However then they throw in the green: the zero and the
double-zero, which is actually the reason why the odds are so bad on roulette. That’s
because you could always sit there and just go fifty-fifty, which means you and the house
have exact same odds. However, considering they put the green ones on there, that means
the house wins. Like I said: your best odds are just not play.

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  1. duh. The odds on any SINGLE occasion are 50:50. The odds that black comes up 20x in a row are NOT 50:50. If it were, then it would be a regular occurrence to see 20x black follow by 20x red followed by 20x … but it is not. That being so, if you have seen 20x black already, it does make sense to bet red. I bet you have never seen 20x black in your lifetime, and you also don't know anyone who actually has.

  2. @Baerchenization I've manually scanned through over 100K of random number data (spins) and the most I've seen is 17 in a row on 2 separate occasions and a row of 25 with only 1 opposite.

  3. easiest way is to not play? yeah if your an idiot 3rd best odds in the casino and there are many people who have proven that its beatable and things a due, except colors or individual numbers. roulette is a game of probability not randomness, such as what are the odds of the same number coming up 3 times in a row or the odds of half the wheel missing 10 times in a row. its an odds game everything in the universe is bound by math in this case physics but odds are more reliable because you don't need to hide a computer on you to do the math for the physics.

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