How to Play Sega Genesis Games on PC! Genesis Emulator! Fusion Setup tutorial!

How to Play Sega Genesis Games on PC! Genesis Emulator! Fusion Setup tutorial!

Hey guys, my name is Scoby. I’m gonna be showing how to play sega Genesis games on your PC
This is going to be a nice quick and easy tutorial on screen right now
You can see me playing some sonic
let’s jump right into this
first thing you want to do is come to this link
I’ll leave a link in the description as always down below
I’m going to be coming down here to click alternative download link
Click that open wait for 15 seconds another download button will come up here
download that and we’re ready to go to our next step
Once you’ve emulator download you can start looking for some games a quick google search will help you well
I’m not going to be showing you where to get any games, but they’re super easy to find and they’re super small download
So they’re really easy
Once you’ve that done move your emulator in a game to somewhere where you can find it easy
I’ve mine on my desktop right now, and you want to extract both of these files
so I have my emulator extracted here and
have my game extracted here your game will usually come in a .bin format
and just put it somewhere you can find it easily
double click to open up your actual emulator
where you just extracted it
and we’re going to be searching for fusion as the application file
Which is about two and a half kilobytes
and we’re going to be double click to opening that
once you’ve this opened
We’re ready to insert our game
So we’re gonna have to do is find their .bin
and were just going to drag it in right into our emulator and our game will start running
It’s going to be pretty loud when you first open it
So just be aware of that, but it’s really smooth to run and it works actually really really well
And it’s as simple as that to get the sega genesis emulator up and running
super easy to set up and it works really really well
anyway guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video a nice little short one here for a change
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Thank you guys so much for watching until next time as always
keep it saucy

34 thoughts on “How to Play Sega Genesis Games on PC! Genesis Emulator! Fusion Setup tutorial!”

  1. the emulator link sent me to fucking athlete kings wtf dude I just wanted to play gunstar heroes now I feel like a gunstar zero

  2. Looked up Sega megadrive emulator since the rom has a .md format which wouldnt play on Kega Fusion and still keeps leading me back to fusion whihch doesnt show me anywhere to set it for megadrive games like pier solar so i can play it old school

  3. i can only seem to hard reset the emulator by pressing tab, other than than it loops the tittle intro and i can't play, or can i seem to find the "buttons" that are used to play…am i using the wrong file or do i have to do something else?

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