How to Play Texas Holdem Poker – The 3rd & 4th Rounds of Betting

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker – The 3rd & 4th Rounds of Betting

The next thing that happens is called the turn, the turn is a fourth card.
Down it goes, over it goes. So now look, we’ve got four cards here,
hopefully you’re building up a nice strong
confident position
in the hand. Again, to the dealers left
the first to act, do you check or do you bet?
What should we do this time? Maybe the player
here, fairly confidently bets 200.
Maybe the player to the left is very confident and raises to 5.
Again the player here, we’ll talk through the options again. What does he do?
Does he fold, does he call or does he raise?
Lets in this example say you call the bet, you match
the 500, so that 200 disappears,
that 500 goes in. We’ve got the bets matched
at this stage and
that’s the end of that betting turn.
And we’re now ready for the last card to be delivered
and this is called The River, everything can
change on The River.
A lucky player is sometimes known as a
River Rat, we’ve all been one.
There’s the last card that’s burnt,
there’s the card that goes into the middle, let’s see we’ve got a pair of fours on board.
Lots and lots of different possibilities. We then return
to the player to the dealers left to choose, what are your gonna do? Are you going to check?
Are you going to bet?
In this example let’s keep it simple, we’ll go check
and check, both players are a little bit scared perhaps to commit too much into this pot.
The hand is now complete,
the last thing to do to see who the
winner is, so we turn the cards over,
an 8 and a 10 there,
a queen and a six there. The winning hand in
example is this hand here, you’ve got two sixes
and two fours with what we call a Queen Kicker,
we’ll talk about the hand hierarchy in
just a moment, so in this example the player
here wins the pot,
all the card are brought in, the dealer button will move across one
and we’re all ready to start our next hand.

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