How to play: The Chameleon – The Family Party Game

How to play: The Chameleon – The Family Party Game

Hi it’s Big Potato Becky here and this
is how to play our sneaky social
bluffing game The Chameleon
choose the green or blue code card decks
doesn’t matter which you use as long as
you’re all using the same color
take the chameleon code card and additional code
cards from your chosen deck
until you have a card for each person playing
shuffle the code cards together
and deal one out face down to each player
deal out a topic card into the middle of the table
roll the yellow six-sided die and the blue
eight sided die
and then look at your code card
the numbers on the dice
will show everyone who isn’t the chameleon
where to look on the topic
card for this round’s secret word
if you’re the chameleon
now is the time to pretend to look like you know what the secret word is
take a moment to think of a word
that you associate with the secret word
if you’re not the chameleon you want to
choose a word specific enough that the
other players will believe you know what
the secret word is but not so specific
that you’re giving the answer away to
the chameleon
if you’re the chameleon
you should be looking at the possible
words it’s it could be and thinking of a
word that might loosely fit all of them
but not too loose otherwise they might
realize you’re the chameleon
when you’re all ready each player says the word out loud
one after another
now comes the arguing
maybe one person’s word doesn’t seem to associate with the secret word particularly well
maybe they didn’t look very confident when they
said it maybe they’re casting so much
shade on everyone else
that they’re suspicious themselves
or maybe you’re just the chameleon trying
to pin the blame on someone else
after a bit of polite and civilised discussion
you all vote on who you think chameleon is
with an accusatory pointing of a finger
the player who receives the most votes reveals their identity
if they aren’t the chameleon
then the chameleon has escaped and won
if the group instead
correctly identified the chameleon then
the chameleon has been cornered but
they’ve still got a chance left to escape
they get a chance to guess what
the secret word was if they get it right
then they escape at the last moment and win
if they don’t they lose
and everyone else gets to to celebrate their well-earned victory

28 thoughts on “How to play: The Chameleon – The Family Party Game”

  1. #Bigpotatogames I wanna buy this board game for my college functions and events so where can I buy this board game it's really a great game

  2. Did you give up on the app? Real shame. It was good. I also had a solution to the issue of people waiting for games, and it's not marketing.
    If you added the ability to have it running in the background while people are waiting, then notify the user when a game is ready, people would be able to do other things on their phone in the meantime. Without this ability, users have no option but to sit and wait. Usually if no one says anything, ppl stay about 30 seconds, so the games don't begin.

    Add the ability to run in the background and your problem will be solved.

  3. In the first round I played the secret word was rapunzel and one of my friends said “chameleon” as her word and we all just sorta stopped

  4. Just hearing about this all over FB which explains nothing and this did not help either. I don't get it so there for i have no intention of playing this game

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