How to Play War

How to Play War

How to Play War. Not only is War a great way to pass the time
with a friend, but it’s so easy to learn that both children and adults can play. You will need A deck of cards and two players. Step 1. Shuffle the deck and deal 26 cards to each
player. Keep your cards face down and do not look
at them. Step 2. Flip your top cards over at the same time. The card with the higher value wins, and the
winner takes both cards, placing them face up at the bottom of their pile. Cards are ranked with the ace as the highest
and two as the lowest. Step 3. Continue flipping. When you reach the cards that are face up,
shuffle your cards and start at the top. Step 4. If you flip two cards of equal value, war
begins. Both players take a card from the top of their
pile and set it face down on top of the first card, then take a third card and flip it face
up. The player whose up card has the higher value
wins all six cards. There is no winning strategy for War; the
game is based on chance. Step 5. If the two new cards are also a tie, war is
declared again and the process repeats until one of the players has a card of higher value. The first player to capture all 52 of the
cards wins. Did you know European playing cards date back
to 1377 and may have originated in China.

47 thoughts on “How to Play War”

  1. Does second person have to be fake ? Lol does anyone else notice the real humans opponent are just 2 fake hands

  2. When I first saw this I laughed because war is such an easy game, I didnt think anyone needed a video to learn but I guess there are different ways to play this game because when I play war my friends we put 3 cards down instead of one and when we win cards we just put under our deck – not facing up.

  3. I know how to play war. I played it with my aunt last night at church game night and I beat her at it. It's a fun game. I learned how to play it when I was in high school.

  4. My best friend taught me and I quickly picked up on it. I even played it last time at church game night with my uncle and I beat him at it, too. I even beat my preacher at it. He said that I've got skill.

  5. Lower case card's in front of higher case card's. Getting through to a higher case card ,within the the deck. Still not a good game.

  6. Tip: There is no winning strategy for war the game is based on chance
    The player who gets all 52 of the cards wins

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